Do You 303 Your Carbon Paddles?

15 Amazon delivered list price is 15.xx

Local hardware store was 15.79 I would have bought it there but didn’t know they had it. Make sure you’re looking at exact product other things they make look very similar. Goes a long way and little effort. Deck lines don’t turn white like wax does if you hit them.

A friend with a lot of experience and connections with boat builders and restorers recommended this UV protectant specifically for marine application on fiberglass and gel coat (no reference to poly). I just got two 16 ounce bottles of it to use on my composite boats and the shell of my camper. (the company even included a good sized wiping rag with the shipment.) The company has other products as well, including “speed coating” to make canoe and kayak hulls faster.

He also swears on their ski lubricant for preventing icing and wet snow clotting on his cross country skis. They are developing (and awaiting EPA approval) on a line of non-toxoc anti-fouling hull paint for boats that will block slime and other biological adhesions without contaminating the environment the way current anti-foul paints can do.

I think I am going to try this on my new SUP when it gets here.

This is the one I used on my Tiderace and it worked well. I’ll update once I have an idea how long it lasts:

PaddleDog52—your first pic is a different product that what the guy from Project Farm is using. The bottle in your first pic has “Step 1” printed on it. Are you using a 2 step process?

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It says “1 step” (not step 1) but it is different from the one that was in the review.

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I think it’s “1 Step” not “Step 1”

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Technically, it could be either. :slight_smile:

…but I know you guys are right. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification!

What box store? :flushed: Yikes!⁰

I used that Hybrid Solutions product on my car 1.5 years ago. I did go over the car with a clay bar prior to application but the stuff has been terrific. Holy cow! It seems to do what it says it will do and I guess that I may be due for a new application but the car still looks great. No other wax or automotive product has ever held up as well as this ceramic stuff.

Contrary to my own advice I was so impressed with what it did to my car’s finish that I applied it to my deck which is black and spots like crazy. Like my car, I prepped the boat with a clay bar and then applied it. The entire boat was way too slippery for me but, gee whiz, it looked great for a little while. Sorry/not sorry to say that salt water degraded it pretty quickly so I am back to a water spotted black deck but I can load, unload and carry without fearing that my grip will fail plus I can launch up onto the deck without fearing that I will slide off the other side.

I bet that it holds up really well in fresh water and maybe doesn’t show water spots on decks that aren’t black. I suspect that if shiny and glossy is what you are after this may be the thing to use.

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Car wash too.

Just washed a boat with soap and it looks shiny and beading. Boat had nothing on it.

Good old Canadian Tire. Even $29.99 on as well…I am sure I can find it cheaper but haven’t looked to far .

$19.97 at WalMart…getting better.

I have carbon fiber oars on my drift boat with counter balance weights. I use varnish with UV protection on them. Not on the grips.