Do You 303 Your Carbon Paddles?

I just finished putting 303 on my boat and realized I’ve never applied it to my carbon paddle. So I did. I’ve never read of anyone else doing this.

It’s going to wash right off.
If you want protection from UV keep it out of the sun…

I use it on my carbon Werner Ikelos. It reduces the water that clings to the blades as well as providing UV protection. Applied correctly I’ve never had a problem with it washing off. If this were a problem it would be pretty useless for most of the things its designed for.

Since i rarely paddle in caves and under bridges, sun tends to be a factor over the years.

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303 doesn’t last long no matter how you apply it. I switched to ceramics. I always washed my kayaks and at least every other time 303 it.

Just gave my racks a bath in 303.

Good for bungee’s and hatch straps. Switching to below

Keep paddle under water for UV protection. :laughing:


Or paddle faster so the sun’s rays can’t settle on it.

My CF GP is faded and a bit yellowed from the sun but I couldn’t care less. It doesn’t paddle any differently. I would care if it might one day melt in my hands.

No 303, but I do use a marine wax on my Werner Cyprus.

303 is a sacrificial protectant. It slowly breaks down under UV while protecting whatever is under it. They recommend reapplying every 3-5 weeks. It only takes a few minutes to apply.

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I have two gallons 303

I’ve never 303’ed my carbon fiber paddles. Several are 25 years old I think. They don’t seem to age and I like the way they feel “dry”.

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Does the Hybrid Ceramic Wet Wax protect for UV light? I don’t see it mentioned anywhere on the bottle.

I have used some automotive stuff that is formulated for bringing the black back to black bumpers and the like on the blades of carbon paddles. I experimented on a carbon paddle that I didn’t care about before putting it on my Ikelos and Cyprus. It really does do a really nice job of making a well used paddle look its best and doesn’t feel unusually slippery. It lasts longer than 303 but not by much. I don’t treat the shafts with anything other than rubbing a bar of ski wax on them when they feel slick in my Glacier Gloves.

That Bumper Black stuff takes the dullness, discoloration and water spots away plus hides scratches pretty well. I do it for cosmetic reasons only as I’m not concerned with my paddles falling apart due to UV. Having spent over half of my life in the outdoor retail industry I am well aware of the damage that UV can cause and if I stored my paddles outdoors in the sun I would consider it. I just don’t think that my paddles, whether stored on the deck or in my hands, get enough UV to matter.

I think it has its place. I use it on drysuit seals, hatch covers, rubber stuff exposed to the sun. I’ve sprayed it on pfd’s for UV protection and stuff like that but I don’t use it on my hull and I certainly wouldn’t put it on a paddle shaft.

There are a ton of really bright people here who have experiences in fields that I can’t begin to understand. I mean sometimes I’m blown away by how much smarter some folks are than me yet sometimes I can’t agree with them. As I’ve mentioned before I’m not an acolyte of the 303 Church of Slickness. Go ahead and hate on me. It’s OK but use 303 where it will make a difference.


If you do 303 your blade, blade only never shaft.


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I will give it a go! Thanks!

I have started using it on my Boston Whaler. It’s great boat gets dirty from diesel charters but I rinsed it off easy with this.

This is what got me on it. I like his reviews.

Try on my cars soon. Use on glass also.

I use marine wax on my boats. Nothing on the paddles but they have spent little time being exposed this year.

Yikes. Local box store wants $26.99 plus tax for a bottle of that stuff.

It’s only $12.99 at Amazon.

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