Do you frozen paddlers snow mobile?

Yeah, what he said.

Not federal lands, NYS Adirondacks, managed by the NYSDEC. The snowmobile lobby is demanding wide “connector trails” to connect disjoint areas of trails in areas they have already destroyed by making trails through state designated wilderness areas, where otherwise rules prohibit use of motorized vehicles. It seems the local towns on either end are all for it because of the economic boom they foresee. Sell your soul, might as well as open brothels for the economy, IMO.

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An example of the ongoing proposed changes. They are indeed cutting down trees to widen snowmobile trails, a seeming violation of Article 14, the “forever wild” provision of the state constitution.


That’s really unfortunate. I know that a lot of the small Adirondack towns really rely on the winter income from snowmobiles, but you have to draw a line somewhere, and I would have thought that a wilderness designation might be that line.

Too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry, too many fires, too many hurricanes, too many coral reefs dying. Yeah, climate change is all those things.

Snowmobiles: Nope, no use for them.
Jet skis: Nope, no use for them.
3 or 4 wheeler motorcycles: Nope, no use for them. Have been doing just fine on 2 wheelers since 1964.

Clear cut trails: Nope, no use for them. You might want to consider hiking on the local, high school track.

Obstacle free rivers: Nope, no use for them. If you’re really worried about obstacles; maybe you should consider other alternatives.

  1. Stay home.
  2. Pull over, get out of your boat, and scout before you run any rapids, or drops that look “iffy”. Paddled whitewater until I was 75. Never got caught in any obstacle. Did do quite a few swims, and a few minutes in a hydraulic, but I still paddle.
  3. Risk you life and just go for it!
  4. Paddle on the city park lake, go to Worlds of Fun or Disneyland and ride "the plume, or invest in a “kiddy pool”.
    5.Only paddle with your mommy; she’ll never lead you astray.

The whole world need not cater to everyone’s “perceived needs”. Know your limitations; deal with it.



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