Do you have size 13+ feet...

… and don’t have to curl your toes or contort your feet, can you let me know what touring kayak you have.

just curious what touring kayaks in the 22" wide range have decent foot room.

I have 15s, and my Looksha Sport is OK.
Is your problem the small size of the bow, or that the footrests don’t extend far enough?

… but now that I know people with size 15 deal with it, I feel like a bit of a whiner.

Argonaut (Aquanaut HV)

Nigel Foster Shadow

Kajak Sport Viviane

Impex Assateague

Current Design Expedition or Titan

Lots of boats out thier that should fit you. Losing the footpegs and putting some foam on the bulkhead was the best thing I did for my feet.

my 13’s fit two touring boats well
those being Valley Q and Nordkapp. Also NDK Explorer. I removed foot braces in favor of foamed front bulkhead which gets me a bit more toe room by allowing more foot position near higher decked centerline. I also wear some 5-Ten brand shoes.

I am sure there are other boats out there but I was after reasonably narrow hulls.

… for the tip on removing the footpegs and adding foam to the bulkheads. I didn’t even think of that.

My current kayak (ws capehorn 17) isn’t too bad but it does get annoying on long paddles. I’m more interested in narrowing down some choices for my next kayak and I like the sounds of the Valley’s being size 13 friendly

13+ feet
I have a Looksha Sport and a CD Titan LV and both have enough room for my feet in cross training shoes.

size 13+…
I can get mine comfortably into an Epic 18 with NRS rodeo socks, and into a Necky Zoar Sport with Chota mukluks.

Big dogs
Loads of room for big feet in a Impex Force Cat 4 or 5 and also the Assategue.

Impex Assateague
Size 14 and a can leave my sandals on if I want.