Do you know anyone with an artificial

spinal disc? I may be looking at a spinal fusion at some point in the future and was wondering if the artificial disc technology is something I should be looking into more aggressively. I worry that a fusion could be the end of my rolling and rough weather kayaking, or it could be that fusion is the only way to save it as the artificial may not tolerate that kind of bending. Anyone know of a kayaker with fusion or artificial disc? How are they doing? Thanks for any feedback. Bill

possible source
Bill, I found this adaptive sport center listing by state thru a federal website for disabled vets. One of the Michigan centers (not affiliated w. the federal government) offers kayaking and has email addresses for the directors.

If they don’t have direct experience w. spinal issues, they could prolly point you to someone who does.

Sorry to hear this may be in the picture.Truly sorry.

Keep me posted.


some contacts
The American Canoe Assn. is actively supporting adaptive paddling. Here are some people who would welcome your questions:

Jeremy Oyen

Jeremy is the ACA Safety & Education Director and a good reference source.

Janet Zeller Janet wrote the book (literally) on adaptive paddling.

Elaine Mravitz

I took an adaptive paddling instructor workshop from Elaine this spring and she is extremely knowledgeable, committed and caring. If she can’t answer your questions she’ll know who can.

No. But I do know you should get a …
…third opinion. At least!Chiroprator maybe?

Thanks for the ideas! There must be
someone on the board with a fusion or artificial disc. My Neurosurgeon is VERY conservative and will wait this out to the very end, but he seems to be indicating that the roads ends with a spinal fusion. I have already had a tri level decompressive lamenectomy and the stenosis is back and the troublesome L3-L4 disc has now fragmented (a piece broke off). I plan to make a trip to a spine center like Mayo or Cleveland UH just to hear their thoughts. I really trust and like my doctor, but I want to hear more and thought that the board is another way to hear more. I am still paddling because I am going to wring this rag dry, after all if it ends in surgery, what is the difference? Last night I could not walk the dog more than 60 yards, some days are worse than others. Thank god it is summer! Thanks for your posts. Bill

My disc fusion was done on two cervical discs by a neurosurgen.

I really need all the disc’s in my neck fused due to a careless motorboat passing me, his wake knocing me into the floor of Lake Michigan head first. I was floating on a raft inside a “protected swim zone”.

I use both medications and a TEENS unit for the nerve pain that still hinders me.

I can not lift my boat Kestrel 140 roto (60#) so my husband helps.

All that said if you think the surgery will help relieave most of the pain or a good part of the pain then …