Do you know this kayak?

Purchased a used 30 pound, 13.5’ x 23" SOT white fiberglass kayak. The only identification is from 2 decals on the decks: “Ricochet Kayak.” Google shows a Jackson WW boat, but nothing else. Does anyone know the provenance of this boat. Thanks.

Does it look like this?
Blog entry from 2005, re a new Jackson kayak.

Do you know this kayak

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it is not the a Jackson kayak. I even called the company to make sure. Mine is very symetrical - that is, the taper to the bow and stern seems to be the same.

For what it is worth…
I worked with people who were doing whitewater long before all the cool stuff we have now - days when wool sweaters and linesmen’s type boots were considered the best you could get for clothing. (Sheep wool will still help you stay warm when wet - I had the accidental chance to have that save my life once.)

The boats they used were pretty symmetrical as I recall, were fiberglass, closer to “old school” boats than the teacup shapes we see now, and were often made up in peoples’ garages from home-grown molds. You could pay someone to put it together or do it yourself. I think most of them had a seam along the middle all around, though given the varying manufacture that might not be universal. They fixed them up with duck tape until the hits got so bad they had to redo the fiberglass.

Could it be old enough to be one of these? We are talking decades old.

A picture would be really helpful

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Here’s a Ricochet, but it’s not
13.5’ long. And, It’s not fiberglass.