Do You Like a Challenge?

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Runners have their marathon.
Cyclists have their century.

I propose paddlers have their 'Half Hour'. Thirty minutes... latitude. That's 30 nautical miles in one day. Roughly 35 statute miles.

Think you can do it in '07?

Yeah yeah yeah. I know many of you already have. I'm planting idea seeds here for those who haven't.

great idea
When the grumpypaddler fiished the General clinton she looked positively elated.when Mly boss at Creative Finished the 90 miler he the feeling of accomplishment was Awesome(this is family site so I am editing this)

when RedcrossRandy finished the 40 miler he knew it was posible and has since done the 70 miler and the 90 miler…

Now andy one who has seen us knows we are not the fastest paddlers but heck I f we can do it so can you!


great idea
Distance paddling is great exercise and you can really see new places without driving.

Many paddlers might be surprised that the first 30-45 minutes are the hardest because it takes a while to warm up. After that the body gets into a natural rhythm and can go for a very long time with the right ‘fuel.’

One idea is to pick a restaurant 30 miles away and have a friend meet you with a car/rack (and sun shower?) for lunch or dinner. Instant rewards!


"Do you like a challenge?"
you mean AFTER I’m done lifting myself up out of bed, dragging myself across the floor, and throwing the switch on my computer to check

32 Miles
It is 32 miles from the “Big Bridge” at the North end of Topsail Island down to the Wrightsville Beach bridge all along the ICW. I forget how far it was from the put in to the North Bridge but about a mile or so and from the WB bridge to the take out but maybe another mile or so. So, that paddle was close but likely shy of your 35 mile goal.

Happy Paddling,


piece of cake
Hit the connecticut river during the spring flood. Won’t even need a paddle :wink:

does it

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count if I did it metric (in kms) ? :-)

lake, of course, no wind or current to help....

The only time I count the miles…
…is when I feel the need to chart a course. Otherwise, I just spend as much time in my boat as possible; be it launching with the rising sun and landing after dark, or stealing a moment here and there when I chance upon an inviting bit of water.

For me, it’s never about the miles…it’s about the journey of the spirit, which knows no bounds, and doesn’t like to count. :slight_smile:


Well put!
I can’t even imagine the amount of cool things on the shoreline and wildlife in the nooks and crannies I’d miss if I hauled ass paddling 30 miles in a day.

But…if it makes ya happy, who am I to stand in ur way. I’ll be the one back at the camp drinking a cold one and marveling at the cool stuff I found while paddling.

Did I hear a gauntlet hit the floor???
Bring it, dude. I’ll step up.

Did you have a “challenge” in mind??? I can’t tell from your post. What’s the time limit?? 6 hours? 5???

Those inland freshies can have their lilydipping spirit journeys…I’ve got to prove I’m a MAN (as if it weren’t obvious already.)

Still water?
How are you going to factor in current? Need a handicap for going with, and a bonus for going against.

You might try this. 100 miles without landing or sleeping. Duane is somewhat of a fixture in the So. Ca. kayak scene. It takes all kinds…

Yes and I’ll have it doccumented.
Believe the mileage around Grand Island in the upper Niagara is 34 (the cycling mileage is 28 but the road carves into the island quite a bit)

Caveat is: I’ll be going against the current up the west side and with the current down the east side.I plan on launching from the west side about 2miles south of the tip.

Still,if I want to stay within a certain time frame (and rest stops will be required)it’s going to be paddling all the way.

I’m in with you McYak
This year I will go with you, McYak, but not on a 30 mph windy day, ok?

"cool things… I’d miss"
Yeah, everything’s such a blur at 4-6 mph! L

Actually yes.

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I'm less likely to stop to investigate something when paddling 30 miles before dark. Don't worry Greyak, while you're paddling I'll be behind you picking up glass fishing floats, cool shells, life rings and whatever else I can find. Oh, and drinking all the beer at camp until your return! :P

50 km?
30 miles sounds so LAME. And it’s hardly a round number.

25 miles would be a round number, but it might be too “easy” for some here. Personally, I like that (25 miles) just fine. When factoring in winds and current, it can turn out to be a reall challeng or a long pleasure cruise.

“Hey Sweetheart!”
“We won’t be gone long. Nelson, Ken, and I are just going to paddle 30 minutes… latitude.”

How about a combo deal?
Anything that adds up to 30?

20 miles into a 10 knot headwind.

10 miles into a 20 knot wind.

Just holding your own in a 30 knot wind.