Do you name your boats?

I name all my boats
after river/water/sea goddesses. I need all the help/protection/guidance/good luck I can get! Decalzone has nice custom lettering and a huge assortment of symbols. Have fun!

Named my
green poly boat the Motor Vessel (M/V) Polar Eskia cuz it’s a cross between a big oil tanker and a CG Ice Breaker.

So is Purple Haze what you call it, or have you gone so far as to put lettering on it?

Reason I ask; my Mohawk Probe 12II (purple boat/purple airbags) is also called Purple Haze & it says so on both sides of the bow, in white lettering that matches the Mohawk lettering.


P.S. A lot of people I meet on the rivers start singing the words to Purple Haze when they notice the name. It has started quite a few conversations.


The answer is…
You need to watch the Godfather2 movie several times in a row paying particular attention to the wedding scene where the Godfather helps out the up and coming Vegas singer. Don`t let the PC police control your mind!!! My kayak is named after my wonderful grandmother Luccianna.

small boat names
My canoe of 30 years has been baptized several times in big water and high winds. Her name is “Turn you SOB.” I’ve never put it in writing, because she’s sensitive and might be offended.

Back a few years ago this was a topic
here. Several people asked for ideas. It was rather fun.

The hubby and I have matching green Mowhawk Odyssey 14s. His is Dill Pickle, mine is Sweet Pickle. Our Penobscot 16 is the Jalapeno. We didn’t get around to putting the name on the Penob, but we have nice machine-made lettering on the Mowhawks (courtesy of my husband’s employer). We haul them around on a bright yellow Aztek named Cheese Nip. I suppose that makes it a moveable, but inedible, feast.

Since we put the names on the boats, more people ask us about canoeing. Maybe we seem more approachable with our sense of humor showing.

He’s a Pamlico 140, his name is Guy.

Fun thread.
I’ve always named my pickup trucks for some reason, but not my other vehicles. Sabrina for my sleek Toyota. We’re, um, separated now, after 20 years. Bertha for my Chevy 6-pack duely. She’s 31 yrs old now. I think that’s about 110 in truck years.

Anyway, I hadn’t thought seriously about naming my first born kayak. Writing the name on the deck couldn’t hurt for theft protection. If I go with lime green, I’m thinking:

Margarita or Margaritaville or Limabean.

I’m not sure people would get it if I called her “Baby Poop.” And too cynical anyway.

A play on Wife’s or Daughter’s name is good. I liked that idea. I’ve seen that on yachts.

Generally, maybe something becoming a kayak, like “Restless.” Of if I don’t use it enough, “Dusty.”

Fun thread.

Paul S.

I had a small sailboat last summer that I named Bob. The name came to me on a hot windless day… I was out there, just ‘bobbing around’ and it stuck. I did put the name on the hull, and it got lots of positive attention.

My kayak and canoe aren’t named - no reason other than I just haven’t really given it any thought. My powerboat (gasp!) still has the name from the previous owner.

I’m building a small, flat bottomed wooden canoe for my just turned 3 year old daughter and I asked her the other day what she wanted to name it. She replied “poopie!” (is the correct spelling poopie, poopee or poopy?) It’s her boat, so I’m hoping she changes her mind by the time I finish.


'Cuda and theBob
Youse guys are an inspiration! When I get home I’m going to splash some beer on the raspberry colored Scrambler and officially christen it “Panama Red.” (Though I don’t partake, I’m old enough to remember the song when it first came out.)

Ive named
a few.But my favourite is Bindlestiff( an 1890s term for a hobo) a wood canvas.AND I have been paddling it across Canada in bits and pieces.Heading out tomorrow for a month.Wish me and Bindlestiff good luck will ya!

No Lettering, Yet
The Shearwater is a purple gelcoat that fades to blue, but I haven’t put lettering on it.

To be honest, none of my boats get much attenion uless I am paddling it.

It was Larry Canary that actually came up with Purple haze.

Great Name, But
I don’t think I could get away with naming any boat Panama Red since my good old buddy had a few drinks and told Kathy about a long ago relationship with a stripper by that name…

Did he steal your woman and then rob your head?

Not yet
My woman won’t go near one of those dangerous kayaks, but I do loose a sense of reality drifting about on the water. I suppose it’s a Rocky Mountain High.

Yes-it’s good luck
I christened my boat Mistral Vapor. It’s a good thing to do. BTW I have named all by bikes too.

2 of 6
Two of my boats have names. My Perception America is “The White Whale” because it’s too big for the waters where I usually paddle it. Oh, and it’s white.

My Wave Sport Diesel is “The Son of a Bitch”, which name I did not give it. A friend of mine was helping to fit it to me, and he cranked the seat band up tight and said “This isn’t a fishing boat!” My reply was, “Yes it is! I bought it to fish those Class III’s more safely.” He said, “Well you’re still going to wear ‘The Son of a Bitch!’” And thus a boat name was born.

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Boat names
My first boat, a bananna yellow Perception Sea Lion was christened “Chiquita” and had a Chiquita bannana sticker stuck on the deck.

My BBK Recluse was called “Rakeknaven” (Icelandic for “The Razor”).

Still looking for a a name for my gray Valley Avocet; Gray Goose and Gray Ghost have come up but I’m not totally convinced of either yet…

Not a name, but
I’ve thought about getting a sticker like I once saw on a Jeep. I think it was metalic and might hold up in salt water. I’d put it on the side of my boat. You put it on upside down. It says:

If You Can Read This,

Please Turn Me Over.