Do you remember the dog bitten ZRE

paddle that I posted two or three months ago? A dog bit three holes in my husband’s ZRE paddle while we were running the shuttle. Well, Saturday, he was paddling with this paddle and it broke completely in two. Has anyone ever replaced the shaft in one of these paddles? Should I send it back to the company and have them repair it?


Some thoughts.
Check with ZRE and see if it is just as easy to put a new shaft in a blade as it is to shorten a shaft from the handle.

I have shortened several, and it is a easy project, but never from the blade end.

Looking at mine, it looks like you would do it the same way.

A new shaft is around $70, and a new handle is around 50. - You wouldn’t need to buy the new handle, (just transfer it from the broken shaft to the new one).

Looks like your cost would be about $70, plus labor and shipping. ( I am just guessing at this).

If they say it is doable, please come back and let us know.

I for one would be curious.



handle, yes; blad, probably not
I talked to one of the guys in the ZRE shop about taking the blade off the shaft and he said he only knew of one guy who could do it, and he worked at ZRE.

Thanks, guys,
I’ll contact ZRE and see what they have to say and let you know.

for replacing broken parts of a ZRE paddle are described on their web site.

Any time you have damage, even
apparently minor damage, to a paddle shaft made of carbon, it is wise to plan a repair in the near future. A little knick in a shaft made of carbon cloth can cause catastrophic failure. Some shafts are made over a foam core, but this just delays the inevitable.

To reinforce, it may take only a little bit of carbon cloth, surely no more than two layers, and some thin epoxy. After cleaning (don’t sand in this case), the carbon cloth can be wet out with epoxy and then plastic food wrap can go around to compress the layers. Afterward, the only sanding should be to keep sharp ends from hurting hands.

I have mailed the
blade and handle back to ZRE and a check for $84.95, which will include fixing and shipping. They assured me it wouldn’t take long. I’ll let you know when I get it back.

good folks up
there in New yawk.

I have had several paddles fixed either at ZRE or at J&J paddles. Just a pleasure to deal with professionals who aren’t arrogant.

ZRE paddles are expensive but they are worth every penny. Excellent customer relations too. They have replaced 2 handles for me when they snapped off at the shaft, and didn’t charge a dime!

I received the paddle back today
I mailed it to ZRE last Wed. They received it Friday. They fixed it and I got it back today, a week after they received it. You can’t beat that kind of service. Note, also, I live in south Alabama and ZRE is in New York. It is in great shape. Super job ZRE.

We still do have a few great American
owned and operated companies that produce a quality product and give quality service.