do you sit in your boat when not paddlin

I do. It’s the closest I can come to real paddling.

so do you guys do it to when you cant paddle??

yes, and my wife laughs at me
I do it often, sometimes to practice different strokes and the other day, I watched pirates of the carribean 2 while in my boat. Good Times!!

I scared to ask what you are doing
while your sitting in your boat.

I am in the garage when I do it.


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due to a long night and no sleep I only got the jist of your question after finishing my answer. Oh well, maybe somebody can use this info anyway.
When on the water and on the move I'll sit and kneel to paddle and stand to pole or use my roughly 14 ft. push-pole as a long, double-blade(less) paddle. When stationary I stand to fish, move around on my feet, pull fruit and nuts off vines and trees, observe my suroundings, stretch my muscles, etc.
I also sleep in my canoe. To do this I use two lines, each fore and aft, to tie off to trees on shore to position the canoe over a spring. Then I snug up the lines to keep it over the spring. Next I move my gear to the ends (slightly bow-heavy to keep my head somewhat elevated in the stern) of the canoe to give me enough room for my 6'3" frame to lay amidships. Then I lay down a small sheet of plastic to protect my air mattress (which I lay on top of the plastic sheet after inflating) which I next lay down and lastly, my sleeping bag.
Why sleep over a spring? Water temps of most springs in Florida are between 70-74*F. The ambient air temperature over the spring will be only slightly moderated from that, which is more conducive to sleep on either a hot and muggy, or a freezing cold, night than in a tent on land next to a river. The shallow-vee bottom of my canoe tends to center my weight on the centerline of the canoe. To keep out snakes I rub the tuber of the Southern Blue Iris (aka Rattlesnake Master) along the full length of the gunwales, a couple of feet on the lines at both ends of the canoe. I sleep very well.
Time to sleep. A Happy New Year to everyone!

Sit and Stretch
I will sit in my boat and stretch - side to side, forward, back, and then torso rotations. Great way to stretch, as you can hold on to the boat for more leverage in the stretch.

Good advice. I often sit in my kayaks
or c-1s in order to stretch the parts that would get sore after a mile or two on the water.

Sad to admit it…but yes
I have been known to sit in the boats… mostly to adjust fittings on seats, thigh braces, etc. But I have noticed the stretching is nice too. Haven’t watched movies in my boats yet. Did have a conversation from the SOT in the guest room the other day…It’s comfy! The Tempest in the hall is usually occupied by cats. They get annoyed when I take it to actually paddle. I think they honestly believe I got it for them!

…snakes chase me.

Nice visual…
"Posted by: Pamlico_140 on Dec-31-06 1:28 PM (EST)

I am in the garage when I do it. "


Pam sitting in her garage… in her boat… :slight_smile:

Note:Pam… the boats are more fun in the water… but you might get wet!!! :open_mouth:

I had a snake approach my boat…
…yesterday, and he said “oh, sorry, I thought you were rroberts.”

If I’m going to go through the trouble of dropping one of kayaks out of the garage overhead then we’re going in the water.

Any day on the water is a great day.


I never sit in my boats at home
because I have a couch and several nice chairs in my house.My kayaks usually have an inch or two of water sloshing around in the cockpit.

i’m jealous. my greenland (favorite) boat is v bottomed so it wouldn’t sit flat out of the water. i guess i could practice balancing in it, that would be great exercise. i have laid down in my canoe, it’s very protective, like a cocoon

…was funny

make some
foam cradles of sitting it on the floor. many retailers use foam blocks so you can sit flat even in a ‘v’ shaped hull.


I drink boat drinks in it
Sometimes on lazy summer days when I don’t feel like paddling, but want to be on the water, I’ll put one of the SOTs in the canal, tie it to my dock, and just float around in the canal with some Buffett or Robert Earl Keen playing, with a planter’s punch, a painkiller, a mojito, a paloma, or some similar drink in my hand.

of course
I like to ride in it when it’s strapped to the roof. Look for me on the road, I wear a nautical coat with lapels, captains hat and british driving goggles.

Yes, with my boys…
They like to jump in and out of the boat, Loon 160T, when its on the lawn. I shake the boat back and forth, and they just laugh. They have more fun on the lawn than in the water. They also enjoy sitting in the Seaward, even in the rear hatch, but I don’t let they jump around on it.