Do you think this is a good deal?

Hi there everybody,

I ran into a local guy who is selling a 2019 hobie compass, price is 1900, firm. But this price includes these:
hobie live well
kayak cart from hobie (new one casts about 180$)
deeper sonar
deeper sonar arm mount
phone mount
soft cooler deck hobie $80
anchor trolley
scotty front rod holder $45
mirage drive fins long $100
anchor pole $80
Everything is in good condition. I do NOT need most of the accessories listed above except rod holders and anchor trolley and fins. I plan to keep these 3 items in the package and the compass boat and sell the rest if i were to buy this package. I just don’t know how much I can sell them for. This is a package deal. Do you think this package is a good deal? Thank you very much

I’m not a fisher so have zero idea as to the fishing kayak market, but pretty much all used kayaks are selling these days at much higher prices than usual, because of pandemic shortages. It is truly a sellers’ market now, so what constitutes a good deal has changed.

What is it all worth new? Are all the items the same year?

I see prices 24-2,500. Hobie Mirage Compass. Add in sales tax, they’ll probably get 1900 in today’s market. Accessories probably 65-70% of new value.

Not a fisher?? You mean this isnt you?

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Dang, that IS me, though admittedly I’ve grayed a little since then. Guess I need to invest in some better privacy software…

It’s $2450 for a new one.
The new one comes with the $100 longer fins (turbo fins) and the 180 drive which I don’t believe that one has, unless it’s the $100 upgrade camo one, which for some reason was the only color with 180 at that time.
To me, it’s not enough savings to not get new.

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Kick up fins on the new version will probably save you some money in the long run also.

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