Do you think we need a new catagory?

Lots of folks here post questions about how to effect various repairs. And, the experienced hands here always come through here in short order to help out us novices.

But, the catagories available to post your question does not really capture what you are asking about. Seems to me we could use a “Shop Question” catagory, or some such thing.

You’re asking the choir
Why not ask the preacher who rules the roost?

I’m sure he has been asked several times about adding different topics or forums and everything can be polished but overall…I say, don’t rock the boat. It’s doing well.

Paddlin’ on


actually there’s been one catagory added
That was for a “Mid Atlantic” region on the Getting Together board. And, a question was posted soliciting opinions about the prospect beforehand. But that was before your time.

The entire trip board was put up at the
request of the people who use the board. A shop talk board would be fine with me.

We could also use a… Contantly run you mouth about nothing board too.


isn’t that B & B?
I rarely get on that boad since it seems to be about nothing.


Would be OK if people would quit
posting unresearched death reports and similar topics irrelevant to the board guidelines.

just ask it here
No need for a “place”; do it here. Too many people are really lame at writing a good “subject” title to capture peoples attention. I see so many qurestions like “What do you think”? Now what the hell does that suppose to mean?

Come on people, use your brain.

2nd that
I say add sticky threads as well, there is way too much repetition for some stuff.

Say, GPS, VHFs, waterproof digicams, sprayskirts for particular kayak models, etc.

Make sure that the original author can edit threads to prevent them from needless bloating.

A shop talk board would be fine with me.

If you rarely visit, how can you know
What goes on there.

Me’reckons dat would be a dandy idee

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All fer it. Dis way folks cood take a gander at de "How-To Library" first an' then ask any detailed questoons if dems still need more infoomatoon.

Wan'na bet wat de "Canoo" vs "Yak" ratio will be.


Sticky threads a good idea… uses them. Keeps the repeat questions down. Common sense in the subject line is also good, but lacking in society :wink:

Here’s why. The limited number of categories on this board makes sure every post gets read quickly and generally receives quick and useful responses. If a person writes a good subject line, the people with the most expertise will find it quickly. Go to forums like the Concept2 forum, or, and you’ll see that the number of sub-topic forums just means fewer people read your post, and you are less likely to get a quick, useful response.

I think just about everyone who plays on this board checks “Advice” and “Discussion” every time. Those two boards are broad enough to handle most queries. Fishing, BWCA, and “Getting Together” generally get less traffic. B&B has its own maligned cult following of regulars.

More forums just means defusing the readership. That hardly seems beneficial.

I completely agree with you … But
I was asking about a new “catagory” not a new forum. I agree we don’t need more forums.

It’s just if you are asking a shop type question in the Advice forum, what catagory do you list it under? It’s no big deal either way. As others have said, good subject lines are key.