Do you use Twitter?

Love the entertainment value of the new Twitter, as the blue supposedly “verified” accounts do things like tank billion dollar companies hosing diabetics etc…I’ll lose no sleep enjoying their demise

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I think Musk will make it profitable. Time will tell.

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Shoe two has yet to fall. A number of the screwups in the last two days, the biggest maybe the blue check award to the folks who pretended to be Eli Lilly, put Twitter in the cross hairs of an existing consent order. FB had to pay an impressive fine for similar violations and Musk may be hit with bigger numbers.

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No, to answer the original question. Nor any other social network unless this is one,

Gee look how Twitter is turning out :roll_eyes:


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Weekly meetings between FBI and the media regarding what to print . . . and who to ban . . . NO. I don’t use Twiddle.

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Nothing to discuss. Read the emails.

“The possible downfall of Facebook and Twitter (and others) is an opportunity—not to shift to some equivalent platform, but to embrace their ruination…”
The Atlantic, Nov. 10, 2022