dockside, out-of-water kayak storage

I moor my sailboat in a single slip and I’d like to tie up and store my 13’ kayak on the dock side opposite of the one to which I tie up the sailboat. Any ideas how to do this and keep the kayak out of the water? I tried using boat fenders as a floating “dock” beneath the kayak, but these were not stable enough. Has anyone seen something made for this purpose?

Thanks, matt

jet ski

Are there posts that stick up?
If the dock has posts that stick up three feet above the water or so (most do), use a pair of ropes that wrap around the boat. Tie one end of each rope first, then pull up on the other end of each, and up comes the boat (you may need another pair of hands to encourage the boat not to rotate, or just let it rotate and straighten it out once you are done lifting). Tie off those second rope ends, and you’re done - the boat is hanging. If the dock posts are too far apart to position a pair of ropes to support the boat, run a 2x6 or something similar between two posts, and secure your hanging ropes an appropriate distance apart on that.