Does 1cm make a difference?

I have an adjustable kayak paddle, and have

been using it at 225cm. It will adjust out to

240cm, and I use at the longer size when in a

canoe, and the shorter size in a SOT kayak.

Well, I adjusted it out to 226cm the last time

paddling, and it actually felt like a new paddle!

Can 1cm difference in length really be significant

in paddling power and performance?

thats like only 1/2"!
I cant see it happenin

You ate something different that morning or the water was flowing differently :slight_smile: 1cm won’t make any real difference giving everething else is the same.

you can adjust the blade angle as well and you did just that?

A half a centemeter can make a difference.

My Euro is a fixed 220 and when I am “nature paddling” I can paddle with just about any length between 190 and 230 without any problem.

However when I got my wing for racing, I was advised to get an adjustable since I would be paddling with a much higher angle stroke, and hence need shorter than a 220.

I started with it a 220 and gradually lowered it over about a half a years span until I had it to 214, and then I fine tuned that even farther to 213-1/2.

If I have it slightly off now it is very noticible and uncomfortable.

I also change the length sometimes depending on the water conditions, (how rough it is)

Like any sport, the finer you can tune your equipment, the better your “engine” will run!



Before or after

When paddling long and hard definately
notice the difference of a cm in length. Even more so in a single blade paddle.



Agree completely
I have cut several ZRE’s down a bit at a time.

Yesterday on the lake I watched all the new rental canoe paddlers trying to paddle properly with any old paddle length that was put in their hands, and vowed that if I ever had a rental concesion, I would fit the paddlers properly before putting them on the water.