Does a wetsuit stretch?

Take a brand new wetsuit, wear it, get it wet, rinse it off a few times. Will it stretch any, i.e., get a little looser?

Not sure how much it actually stretches
But it will loosen up and when you get it wet, it slides around so it does not pull or seem as tight.

Mine has been steadily shrinking for a bout 5 years… at least it gets a bit tighter around the middle each year.

Not That I Have Noticed…
with the two I have been using the pass year. The new winter suit I just tried this weekend. That sucker sucks onto me when it’s wet. Easy to get on. Harder to get off after surfing because with it damped it was like one big suction cup.


Been wearing wetsuits for 30 years. Never seen one stretch yet. In fact, they seem to shrink from one season to the next!

Gonna shrink a lot
after this thursday, gobble, gobble.

If it’s too tight: saddly, no.
If it’s just right or too loose: happily, no.

I noticed mine is a lot tighter when I have not worn it in a couple of weeks. This is especilly true if I just hosed it off instead of washing it throughly before hanging it up. Goes back to the normal fit once I get it on. As the saying goes, " if you can fit a dime between you and your wetsuit, it’s too lose"