Does age weaken plastic boats

Does time/age affect the strength of the plastic on a 20 year old (Perception) kayak? Boat was stored inside and is in great condition. Should I be concerned?


We have four 20 year old…
Perception kayaks that other then a zillion scratches are as good as the day they were bought.

An Eclipse, a Shadow, and two Keowees.

My Eclipse seat is more duct tape then I would like, but the boats are good.

They have been stored in our boat barn and also have had lots of coats of 303 and armoral

Jack L

they should be fine. Press on then and see it they are still soft and flex. 20 years old they should be be a great deal.

UV is the enemy of all plastics.
Since it was stored inside, it s/b fine.

Yes and no
Plastic does age some over time, but it isn’t as much a issue as UV is.

Thanks to all

Plastic used in my Prijon became soft.
I abused the boat, taking it in Class III and IV water. I even dropped it once, it wrinkled. It was called HPT for High Performance Thermoplastic. Maybe Tupperware plastic would have been better…LOL