Does anybody know?

If there is any industry standard for determining the year of manufacture of a kayak by refering to the serial number? I have heard of some relationship to the last numbers in the sequence.

Thanks, Ken…

Our Brit boats
On all of our British sea kayaks (Valley, NDK, and P&H) the last two digits are the year of manufacture.

I’ll look at our Elaho tonight to see if Necky does the same.

I doubt it.
The Makkovic is 3 and the Orion is 11. No room for a year there. I should check the NDK , It has a longet #

See figure #2

Call The Company
I would call various companies to ask that question.

I recently called a dog food company to decipher their code on the bottom of their canned food so I would arrange my dog’s food in order of the expiration dates.


On all fourteen of our boats.

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the last two numbers in the serial number stand for the year.
The boats represent six different manufacturers.


Any boat no matter where it came from
that is in the U.S. must have a Coastguard HIN no. Last two (after 1984) or last four (pre 1984) will always show the year.

First letters are the MIC Manufacturers Identification Code. Downloadable database on this page.

Very Timely
I am researching a boat I bought used and the serial numbers links above came in very handy. Thanks!