Does anyone else use rope...

I’m quick with my straps.
I have seen people coil their straps, but mine just get tossed on the floor board of the back seat.

I need to learn to tie the most often used knots so I can use ropes when needed. I don’t use painters and don’t do any lining.

Those look handy.

I hope "when I open ,my mouth"
I just might give someone else a chuckle.

If they take it differently that is their problem.

You took it differently, therefore as far as I am concerned you have a problem!



I was carrying them from the boat …
house across the road up the steep back driveway to the house and luckily had the kevlar canoe that was between them strapped down.

The one that came off slid half way down the drive before coming to a stop.

Moral of the story: don’t start a second job before you finish the first one!



you apparently missed the :slight_smile:

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tongue in cheek aspect to my post---sorry you took offense---certainly wasn't meant to be---and you did give me a chuckle--btw I've done equally dumb things both on and off the water but you couldn't pay me enough to tell p'neters about them. You too have a great day

OK for people too lazy
to learn how to tie a knot, I suppose.

Santa left some straps in my stocking this past December. I put my boats on a factory Ford Taurus rack. My (admittedly slow) thought process went something like this; These things are 12 ft. long!? Oh, so you’ve got to throw the free end over, go to the other side of the car, loop the free end under the crossbar and throw it back over… “Sweetie? These are really great! Did you save the receipt?” I’m always gonna be a rope guy. Like others here, I can tie my boat on, from scratch, in less than half the time it takes some folks to fiddle with their $250 Thule set-up. Polyester is probably what I’ll end up buying but, I am curious about some of the newer hybrids. Manila is just too utilitarian and tough on the hands. We’re talking about 30 ft. of rope here, so price is not really an issue.

state laws
Check your state laws about Straps vs. Rope for securing loads onto a vehicle.

Straps or a rope using a truckers hitch I think either one works equally well.


Ok, I’ll be different here…
I use a combination system. I buy serious climbing webbing and sew a loop on one end which gives me the start of a “truckers hitch”. It’s as cheap as good rope. If you don’t sew, the loop can be tied and works just as well.

Nylon braid rope works just as well and I use it too.

Ski rope can cut a trench in your poly boat if you get too frisky with it, but it works ok too.

Climbing webbing is soft and spreads the load out across a flat inch of material, which seems kinder to the boat and holds a knot well. It’s also heavy and throws well against the wind (anybody ever have a wad of rope blow back in their face while tying down your boat? :wink: )

Cam buckles are a pain, slow to cinch, and you can’t simply toss them on top of the car, unless you want dents. I have some ‘ratchet’ buckles I use as mini-come-a-longs for my utility trailer, but that’s about it for metal buckles.

I’ve had metal buckles fail and jamb over the years. Knots have never failed me.

"These things are 12 ft. long!? "
Yeah, 12’ is right for most canoes. Maybe 15’ for a big prospector.

But you are making things much more complicated than they need to be. Start on the “opposite” side of the vehicle. Thread the free end around the bar, and through the buckle. Then toss the buckle over the boat. You ARE using straps with padded buckles, aren’t you? Walk to the other side, loop the strap under the bar and pull tight. Secure free ends.



many thousands of miles with straps

whatever happened to those wide
three inch NRS straps? Aside that no one could figure out how to loosen them they were great for wooden boats where rope marks could show or for boats that softened in the sunlight.

Distributing the pressure more evenly made less of a likelihood of over stressing the canoes skin particularly if you over tightened.

They were nylon though and thats the disadvantage. Even the commercial straps are nylon. I have them for ease of use but polyester rope wont stretch and has that advantage.

still has 1.5" straps available.


Hey Madmike …
Those Tyups look like a good idea. I notice they come in three sizes. Any recommendations as to which size for different sized canoes? Thanks

Inverse Corollary
LeeG wrote: “If it rains it’ll all stretch about 10%.”

Inverse Corollary: If you ever tighten wet nylon straps or rope, and it dries during the drive home or overnight, etc., your tiedowns will TIGHTEN, perhaps enough to damage a boat.

Always good to periodically check such tiedowns as conditions change.


Call them and tell them you want them for canoes. I have 12’ and 14’. They both work but the 14’ is better. Get the largest thingie, and synthetic rope.

Of course, you’re right, Jim
I never even took them out of the package. They went back to the store. I’m sure that straps, like knots, get faster after you’ve used them a few hundred times.

NRS Camlock straps, get the right length

Throw a Clove Hitch…
around the boat and tie it down, it ain’t coming off.

I’m a rope kind’a guy, gott’a love the rope.

The only time Iost something was with straps.

the Tyco website…
did not specify rope length or type, merely different sized loop thingys. I assumed one adds his own rope or maybe not. You seem to be recommending the ex-large thingy. N’est pas? Also do these ever scratch the hull? Thanks

I tied the Merlin on yesterday
with rope. Left those nrs straps home. 70 mph with no wiggle. I will not use the straps again. The rope seems to be superior in every way. And I’ll just leave them on the rack. Thank you, Cliff Jacobson.