Does anyone else use rope...

to tie their canoe onto a car? I always have, but last year I stopped off to visit my oldest friend’s ex wife on my way back from camping in Maine, and she commented," Jeez, Tom, even (ex husband), that cheap bastard, has straps for his canoe". It may be time to replace my worn and dingy, 10 year old, hardware store variety nylon ropes with something more appropriate. Any suggestions as to rope that doesn’t stretch and will hold a knot? I’m sure the guys at the chandlery will sell me their most expensive stuff if I let them. Thanks in advance, Tom

NRS straps. Never leave home
without them.Can’t beat the price or performance.

Tough to beat Manila…

…just dry it properly.

Lehigh brand. I’ve tried other rope brands and it’s

no where near as good.

I do not work for Lehigh, my association with them is

solely as a satisfied customer.

Rope works, its cheap, and useful
as duct tape and pool noodles for thousand or of other things.

You obviously have not been to Bangkok

[heavy sigh]

Another straps vs. rope thread, eh?
I grew up with rope and I can tie a bowline and a trucker’s hitch and cinch my boat to the racks faster than most people can unwind their first cam strap. No comparison, straps are just too fiddly. I leave my ropes stored on my truck racks and can load and tie off a boat in moments, while my cam strap bearing friends are still straightening the kinks out of their straps. I buy floating rope with a foam core and synthetic wrap so I can use it for painters and lining rope, and it’s bright and shows up in dim light.

I use rope
I also use rope with these cool no-knot thingies.

They are made locally and many local paddlers use them.

Do what I did the other day.
didn’t strap or tie either of the two kayaks onto the J cradles. ( a senior moment!)

Did you ever see a 17 foot tupperware kayak bounce?

The shorter one stayed on.



you know
you do have the right to remain silent—I suggest you exercize that right==or as my senior partner used to say—“Jon, if you don’t open your mouth, they’ll never know how dumb you are.” :slight_smile:

Second that…
…and I once did 90 mph sustained in Nova Scotia while my lovely bow paddler was snoring in the passenger seat. Canoe never budged!

Straps are a PITA. Those who like
them can continue to use them, but twisted or untwisted, they aren’t as aerodynamic as ropes.

Polyester rope does not stretch when wet, is more sun resistant than Nylon, and ties nicely.

Listen sonny, ah remember when we
didn’t have no stinkin’ new-fangled straps.Ah been usin’ rope since before you were born.

Jack, I have a fear of doing just what you did. I always double check.

I have a kayak

you win

But I favor…

…registration for rope. Too many people have been hung

with rope. Odin himself was into auto-erotic


(This is an inside joke, folks.)

oh baby

Marston polypropelene braid. It feels soooo good. You don’t want nylon to tie boats on. If it rains it’ll all stretch about 10%. Heck of a thing to happen at 60mph. This poly line is a high quality version of the cheap poly floating line that has thick threads and is stiff. Get a bunch of 1/4" line and use it for everything.

What else are you going to use all that retired climbing rope for?

More info please…
Looks like an interesting idea, but the company’s website doesn’t offer much explanation about the product beyond a few photos.

Yuck, no buckle bumers anymore.
I use the old ones with the rubber covers on the bumpers, but don’t like the new ones.