Does anyone have a Dagger Apostle?

If so, I have some questions about maintenance and keeping the bulkheads sealed.


I work for CWS
Confluence Watersports, the owners of Dagger.

sealing b/h is a simple gig. lots of marine sealant. 3M 5200, Excel, Sikaflex, everyone has a personal favorite. don’t use silicone. if you can do both sides and use plenty. If you have more than 1 issue, get a caulk gun tube of sealant ($10 or so) and latex gloves and have FUN! make a mess and call it good. it doesn’t have to be pretty.


I’ll give that a try…
The big problem is that the Apostle has a metal tube running from the front b/h through to the rear compartment that acts as a stiffener to the kayak. Are you familiar with this?

If the kayak flexes, like during a seal launch, the tube lifts away from the bottom of the boat. I’ve stuffed that area (where the tube passes through the b/h) full of sealant, but it doesn’t take long to leak again.

I’ve been tempted to remove the tube, but I’m afraid the plastic in the bottom would be too soft without it.

Any suggestions?


that’s why
we don’t design them thar tubes into the hull anymore. :slight_smile:

there are better ways to get stiffness.

you may have to live with it, as removing it will make for a spongy hull shape. what sealant did you try? sika flex makes a flexy sealant (it’s in the NAME) :wink:

other than that I’m not sure what you can do.

except buy a new boat…

again :wink:

sorry for being a smart @$$ this early in the morn.