Does anyone have an recent experience or opinions on ainsworth paddles?

Hi, I’m looking for a low angle sea paddle and stumbled across this brand Ainsworth. They seem to be very well priced and I could get something quite high spec for my budget (£200), I’ve had a search any only reviews I can find are from over 10 years ago, does anyone have any more recent experience with them?

Only weighing in because the thread has no responses - Looked at the Ainsworth site and their paddles, but haven’t used them.

I’m very happy with the price-performance of paddles made with carbon fibre handles and fiberglass blades - that seems to be the sweet spot for best value. I like 2-piece for portability/storage purposes.

The go-to brand is Werner ( and they’ed be good for comparison.

Also, don’t look at just the materials, compare the weights - not all ‘carbon fiber’ is the same, but grams are grams.

Thanks for your views. With Werner stopping the Tybee (they’ve cancelled all orders on it, at least for now. Don’t know if that will change once the supply chain recovered from Covid) that basically puts them out of my budget with most of their paddles being well above the £200 mark. The other option I’ve found recently is Celtic Paddles Their 2 piece carbon shaft with glass reinforced nylon blades is about the right price

I purchased a used Werner Cyprus for under your price point, and a used Werner Shuna for well under. Don’t know what the used market looks like where you are but check it out.

Yeah the used market is a bit rediculous just now. A used Werner Shuna did show up on ebay a week or so ago but it ended up going to £250. Which to me seems rediculous for a used price. You did damn well picking up a Cyprus for under £200.

Yeah, the used market isn’t great now, it’s true. I bought the Cyprus last fall when everyone else wasn’t also trying to buy kayaking equipment. But keep a close eye on the market and jump on it if you see anything good - that might work.

At £200, you’re close to the Price of a paddle I would recommend the Tango Fiberglass by Aquabound.

The difference is that this is compressed fiberglass vs glassed nylon still with carbon handles (737g for 220 cm) at $290 ( £221), and these come in 3 very pretty/cool colors.

Of course, availability IS out the window right now, so who knows on that, but give a look.

Thanks for the recommendation, Aquabound aren’t a well supported brand over here, can only find one retailer who stocks them, good news is that they do have the Tango Fiberglass in stock, bad news is that it seems to retail at £295 over here.

I think maybe your best bet would be to scour the US used market for paddles that can be shipped. eBay often has good deals in Werner paddles and many sellers will ship to the U.K.

Werner Camano fiberglass 220 cm on eBay now for $200 USD. Dunno what shipping to U.K. costs.

I would look at the Celtic/Lendal line of paddles and keep your purchase local.{since I believe you are in the UK}
The only Ainsworth I have any experience with I purchased maybe close to 30 years ago…so have no knowledge of their current line.

Celtic has some paddles in your price range and is a good company, that is where I would look.

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Thanks, think the Celtic paddle will be the one to go for.