Does anyone know what model Wenonah this is?

Here’s the Craigslist link:

The owner said it’s about 15’ long and 38" wide, but doesn’t know any other details.


It looks to me like a Rogue which was 16’ in length overall and 35 1/4" maximum beam. If you are interested in it I would ask the seller to trouble him or herself to get out a tape and actually measure the thing.

The Rogue was intended as tandem downriver canoe with enough seaworthiness for whitewater. But it lacks the maneuverability of most dedicated whitewater tandems. It is quite deep which makes it dry, but it catches a lot of wind which can make it tedious to paddle on flat water.

Thanks for the reply. It doesn’t sound like it would be a good fit for me.

I think its big brother was the Cascade but I could be wrong
We rented one for a 520 mile trip on the Yukon River
There was but one real rapid but it was haystacks about 2-3 feet tall
We did not have to maneuver much
We did have to eddy out at historic sites We never missed any but as the river runs 6 mph we had to plan ahead. We had two weeks of gear and eddying out was a bit of a chore
If this is the younger bro it might be fine for some rivers that just move mut not for make now moves