Does anyone make a clamp on tractor seat?

I’ve been using my Wenonah Vagabond as a pack boat lately. It has the adjustable height factory wood framed web seat. I’ve tried several brands of strap on seat pads. They just don’t feel comfortable after an hour or so of paddling. Does anyone make a bolt on or strap on tractor type seat that I can attach to the existing seat, but easily remove it when I want to use the original seat?

Thank you in advance.

The only tractor style seat replacement I know of is from Western Canoe and Kayak (Clipper) but you’d have to figure out a way to attach it. They are designed to snap onto bars that run crosswise from the mounting brackets on either side of the hull. You could make a couple bars out of metal tubing, snap the seat onto the bars, and then strap the bars to the wooden seat frame.

The other possibility is to use an Old Town molded seat (a backrest can be added as well) but I’m not sure about how well they’d fit.

I had looked at possibly using the Clipper seat. Might give it a try. I seem to recall seeing an add for a strap on tractor seat years ago.

Here’s one option

That’s what I had in mind. I’ll contact Hemlock. Thank you.