Does anyone make this canoe?

I am looking for a boat for a friend.Does any body make a royalite,sit on the bottom,12-13 ft.relitivly narrow,preferably flat bottomed canoe? Like a narrower old town pack.He would use it for small shallow creeks-not white water.I want royalex because of cost and rock durabitity and slipperyness.He has to sit on the bottom due to a back condition.He has a kayak,but it’s too hard to get in and out of for the frequent obsticles and shallows.


Have You Thought About This?
Find a Mohawk Solo 13 or maybe even a Bell Wildfire or Yellowstone Solo and mount a seat in the bottom. Bell Makes a new seat that fits in the bottom of their Rob Roy and Bucktail, I’d bet it will fit in the others too. Could also put a foam seat pad in the bottom and rig a back band and footbraces. Would be relatively easy to do. WW

than an Old Town pack???

He’s either a good paddler or very small.


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The OT Pack is 32" wide - actually it is one of the widest dedicated solo boats on the market today.

The reason why the pack may feel too narrow is because the put the seat pretty far back.

I agree with WW - get a Solo 13 - or a Wenonah Sandpiper. And put a foam seat on the bottom.

Wenonah Wee Lassie
seems pretty close, but it’s not royalex

Here’s the link:

12’6", 27.5" wide, kevlar, 24 lbs., $1199.

Dagger Sojourn
Wasn’t this a canoe that fit the bill. Anyone remember the specs?


29" at is widest

Around 44#s

Flat bottom = nope. It does take some time to get used to its primary stability. But lowering the seat position to the floor would help.

Actually there are a decent amount of Royalex canoes in the 13-15’ range (some out of production but not that hard to find).

Wenonah - Sandpiper, Vagabond

Mad River - Slipper, Guide/Freedom solo

Mohawk - Solo 13/14, Odyssey 14

Novacraft - supernova

Old Town - Penobscot 15

Bell - Yellowstone/Wildfire

Or you could get something like a Mad River Synergy - not in RX but poly.

You’re not going to sit on the sole of a Supernova.

It has HUGE volume and is very deep.

Its a great boat but only a 7’ tall person would have a chance at paddling it setting on the sole.

It’s a great boat to either sit, kneel or a combination(i.e. one knee down)… Lots of fun in moving water.

Many of the boats mentioned would work, but would work even better if you cut them down a bit. Royalex is tough, but doesn’t stand up to tools very well. You might just take an inch or two off and then re-gunwale it.

Also, it might be possible to cut the deck out of a rec kayak (and add gunwales/thwarts), though I suspect that would more likely lead to structural failure.

speaking of rec kayaks
How big is the cockpit opening on the kayak that he has a hard time getting out of? If it’s small, you might check out a “recreational” kayak instead of a sit-on-bottom canoe. Rec kayaks typically have large cockpit openings.

Or a sit-on-top kayak, depending on exactly what the problem is getting out.

– Mark


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All of the boats listed I either own, have owned,or have paddled.

I can assure you that paddling the Guide/Freedom Solo, Odyssey 14, Penobscot 15, and Supernova while sitting in the bilge will "not" be comfortable. I am 6'4" tall, and it wouldn't work for me; might work for a 7 footer, but I doubt it.

Of all the boats listed; I think the Wenonah Sandpiper, or Vagabond would be the two most likely to be adaptable to the intended use.

I do think it would be fun watching a normal sized person, trying to paddle a SuperNova, or Guide while sitting in the bilge. Believe your view would be blocked by the bow, and normal paddle strokes would be very difficult.Watching someone trying to paddle a Sojourn, while sitting in the bilge would also be fun to watch. I think it is best paddled while kneeling. You can make the Sojourn turn with proper technique, but it likes to track a lot better than it likes to turn.


As a matter or fact I was paddling my Sandpiper which I widened out some and he wanted something just like it but shallower.Never thought of cutting one down.Could I reuse the gunnels?How do they attach?

Thanks for the help,Turtle


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>[ from thebob..]...Sitting in the bilge..(ROTFL)
You've widened a Sandpiper? All great responses to your situation! option is a ww foam pedestal...there are several densities of foam out there..combined..can be really comfortable. Foam knee pads next, but he won't be putting his full weight on them...he'll use his knees to tweak his balance.. Foam the entire kneeling area with ~3/8" foam. Don't know if you know this or not, but the most uncomfortable area can be the crushed ankle..if not supported. I've had good luck with the long aircell foam strips used to support touring kayaks in a showroom...cut in half, makes for a nice lower leg & ankle support...very comfortable.

*Hey Eric...I did your idea (small, thin foam blocks sandwiched by polyethylene layer) in my Solito(cboats) to help solidify it's hull to its possible max. I'm telling ya'..could NOT have come out better!!! Many thanks...


The bilge…
The lowest part of a ship’s inner hull.

If you ever get a chance; try paddling a Nova Craft Supernova while sitting in the bilge.

Have someone take photos, and post them on pnet.

Now that “will be” funny…