Does anyone near SC own a Nighthawk 17.5

I am ready to graduate from a rec boat to a touring boat. The Acadia just doesn’t cut it on long trips. I really like the looks and dimensions of the Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5, but my local dealer doesn’t have one in his rental fleet. So, I was wondering if there is a kind soul out there who lives in/near Upstate SC who owns a Nighthawk 17.5 and would be willing to let me try it out. I just can’t see spending the $$ to buy something I’ve never paddled. Last weekend I rented a CD Storm, and I like it MUCH better than my rec boat. But there’s just something about the Nighthawk that appeals to me.

Any volunteers?



16 Might Be Better Fit

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Robin, the 17.5 is generally chosen by the larger paddler. Most women would fit in the 16 better than the 17.5.

Of course, the Falcon would fit nice and snug and give you a longer boat. If you think the Night Hawk looks nice, you should see the Falcon.

I'd let you try my Night Hawk 16, but I'm in NY.

Good Luck...Lou

I need to lose a little more weight
before I will fit comfortably into a 16. But the way it’s going, by the end of the summer I just might be able to fit!!!LOL


Eddyline 17.5 Nighthawk
I have owned three different kinds of Eddyline kayaks. They are all great kayaks, have you considered trying the Merlin XT?? I am selling one, if you like, check my ad out in the classifieds. Also own a Nighthawk 16, great boat, but the Merlin XT has a larger cockpit and larger volume!!! If you are under 5’5", you should not go any longer than 17’, just my opinion as I am 5’2" and prefer paddling a 16 ft. boat. Good Luck!

East Coast Eddyline Interest?
I’m so glad to hear interest in Eddyline from the East Coast. Out here, in Washington, nearly every third boat is an Eddyline. Don’t hear a lot of conversation about them here on this board, but Lou and I are trying!

I own a Nighthawk 16 and love it. I’m 5’6" and 160 lbs - female.


I don’t know
about eddyline and their quality control! I ordered a Falcon S18 in modulus. When the boat arrived there were all kinds of long cracks in the plastic that they use instead of a gel coat. Eddyline said they had no idea of what it was from. I ordered another one, waited 5 weeks for it to arrive, and took delivery. I put it on the water and with in 15 minutes the back compartment was full of water. Not just a little water, the water was 5 inches deep! The water came in from all around the skeg box wich was installed off center!

I took the boat back to the dealer and got a full refund! No more time to waste on eddyline!

The sad part is that the dealer informed eddyline about both boats because the dealer went back to them. They knew who I was and had my number and I didn’t get a call or an apology or anything!

Eddyline QC
It’s really too bad you had that trouble with the Falcon. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Eddyline, and the distributor and dealer that I purchased through. I suppose it happens once in a while with every manufacturer though. All my friends that have Eddylines have been very satisfied.

(I am in no way affiliated with Eddyline, except as a happy customer!)


That’s what I’ve heard from
a lot of people! It probably doesn’t happen often but it happened to me. I just want to tell people to check the boats out good and make sure the dealer will back you if there are problems.

I gave up on the Falcon. Two different boats were enough for me. I have a Q700X (a little different kind of 18 footer) coming in about 2 weeks from QCC. I just hope Murphy (and his entire family) stays clear of this one.

Happy paddling!!!


Bay Trails of Mattews, VA
Robin, While you may not be located by a Eddyline dealer, I would bet you travel some that may place you close to a dealer here on the East Coast. Matthews,VA is where I ended up getting my boat after some 6 months of testing and working with different kayak vendors.

As a side note to the other emails. Had a problem with the one peg popping off while paddling. Eddyline replaced the whole footbrace system on both sides with their new foot peg system.Eddlyline stood by their product in my my case. That included a follow up series of emails to ensure the dealer received the new footpeg system and that the installation went forward to my satisfaction.

The owners, Jan and Sean provided me with a free four class on kayaking when I originally picked up the boat. Yeah, there are numerous great kayaks out there, so try them all. You’ll be pleased with the design, standards and quality of the Eddlyine series. Good luck, Mark

Falcon S18 (Modulas) owner & Retired Sailor

Eddyline and others
I am interested in the Falcon and have been to Bay Trails Outfitters recently. I had a demo in the Falcon at the recent paddle sponsored by Bay Trails. The issue for me is a Falcon by Eddyline, a Tempest by Wilderness Systems or a Ellesmere by Boreal. Of course price is a factor. Any thoughts?

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