Does anyone own a paddle bag??

Was thinking about getting a paddle bag or two. Usually I whitewater kayak with at least one buddy, and we bring back up paddles. Just for ease of transporting 4 or more (one piece) paddles when hiking in somewhere, or just consolidating paddles in my van when driving somewhere. Anyone use paddle bags? Or did you buy one & not use it. Never seen anyone use them in my neck of the woods.

Seals makes one, Northwater used to make one but I think not now, both hold two break-apart paddles.


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Purchased a wonderful Seals bag from The River Connection, to protect my Werner Cyprus from both me and other gear in my car.

It's quilted, protects the paddles with sleeves and velcro strips to hold them down, and has a handy carrying strap as well as a handle.

Edit: just caught your mention of one-piece paddles. Looked at the NRS one-piece fleece lined bag. Looks nice and I liked the suggestion of filling the extra space in the bag with soft gear items.

Yes, but it’s a cheap unpadded one
I use a bag mainly because it keeps the two halves of the paddle (or two paddles) together in the car. After 5 or so years of use my carbon paddle still looks pretty good and the bag has nothing to do with that. I’m not sure how protective a padded bag is—it can prevent scratches but not a broken shaft. Can’t hurt, though.

Use my fleece paddle sock
To protect my Quimby pieces of functional art and my GradeVI cordura to corral them in the van.

Same here
Unpadded & to keep the two halves together. Probably helps with some minor damage from banging around.

We have them for our ZRE canoe paddles, our euro kayak paddles, and our wing paddles- All made by my handy wife and all are padded.

Many times when we are paddling day after day they don’t get used and the paddles are just put in the back of the truck, or the back seat, but there are many other times when some take nice long naps in them.

jack L


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Yes, I have 4 of them.

Two are really nice; padded and have carry straps.
Bought both of them used, like new condition.
Wife uses one of those for wooden/kayak paddles.

My wife made 2 others for me. They are more for consolidation of paddles in back of pickup than concern about damage. Paddles I use with regularity have too many dings & scratches & scrapes to worry about.

Paddles I seldom use; 2 Lutras, and a pair of custom made paddles always travel in a padded bag.


One NRS & one North Water NM

I have a paddle bag for one-piece kayak paddles and a number of bags for canoe paddles.

They help protect nice wooden paddles from getting dinged up, and when traveling with multiple paddles keep them consolidated.

For synthetic or whitewater paddles, I usually don’t bother with them.

Own three - never use them …

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I have two paddle bags that came with my Epic wing paddles and also have a hard case that fits my 4-piece Lendal paddle. Pretty much never use any of them. Just toss the paddles in the car without any bags...

Had a 4th one that came with a whitewater paddle, very nice padded bag, again never used it, sold it...

The scratches on my paddles are from use (and plentiful). What I can add in transport in my car would barely register...

Now, for air travel, a bag might be a good idea, but that's why I have the 4-piece Lendal for: put it in my carry on bag and don't worry about being crushed or lost as checked baggage.

rifle case
I have one canoe paddle bag by Cooke Custom Sewing, but it’s unpadded. I like it, though, and I use it. I picked up a rifle case at a local discount store for $14.00 which is padded, has a carrying handle, is made of a canvas material and is mossy oak pink. My two-piece paddle fits perfectly.

I actually got one with the kayak that I bought. It was complementary, came as a part of the kayak accessories package, and I was well instructed about how to use it (I’m a late bloomer).

$60 Jantex Paddle Bags & $120 Sportube
Hard case are what we use when traveling on planes. Two break apart wing paddles, stored inside their own Jantex bag, fit snugly inside one double Sportube case. The padded Jantex bags can easily be converted to store one piece kayak paddles too. Usually, at the destination, the Sportube is left behind, while the wing paddles are transported by car, inside their bags, on the way to the put-in and back.

gun bag used for paddle bag
The gun bags made for rifles work well for two piece paddles. I have a few bought cheap at tag sales or flea markets. They have some padding in them which I consider superior to just a fabric sleeve.


I have crocheted paddle bags for one piece kayak paddles like the Aleut ret603 made for me. Otherwise I have some six or seven fleece or cordura paddle bags. Well worth the price for preventing damage in the back of the pickup

My wife makes mine.
Thick fleece. Good protection and dries fast if it gets wet.

This is the one I use

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It is meant for two-or four-piece paddles. It is padded. With two sea kayak paddles inside, the bag just barely fits inside a SportTube, for when I want hard-case protection also.

But usually I just transport paddles without any case at all, for short drives. To keep four paddles from banging each other, you could just roll them in bubble wrap and then strap together.

Two CCS fleece paddle bags, one for me, one for the wife. I keep the 3 paddles I use most and she keeps the two she uses most in them and ready to go. In the past I’ve used the gun socks and they work pretty well also.

I store my favorite paddles in an old bow-bag that used to hold a compound bow.
My loaner paddles are in a snowboard bag I got at a yard sale for $5 and the rest of them are in an old (folding) captain’s chair bag.
I think about a real paddle bag but…