does anyone sell a bag to seal a sea kayak in

Is anyone aware of a US manufacturer of a bag which a 17 ft kayak could be stored in. I have a Dannu cover but am looking for something which totally encloses the boat (probably zip up). I store my boat on an outside rack and get rain splatter off the ground and have also had some wasps try to build a nest under the open cover. I have seen some things like this on the internet, but the ones I have seen are manufactured in Britain and I don’t think they are shipped to the US.

Raise boat higher and put something below it to stop splattering. Use gravel, straw, or AstroTurf below it. Sealing it in a bag may not be so good either if not 100 percent sealed. I buy 6x20 tarps and bungee them on.


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He has one of those

Fabric bag. Polyester Jersey… Works well and is breathable… I have several canoe covers made out of this by the Bag Lady but she is not doing kayak covers.

You can buy some at Walmart and wrap your boat and knot the ends.

This is one of the nicest storage bags that I’ve found, hence I carry it at The River Connection.

Salamander Touring Yak Wrap $200

Here are applied pictures. to a P&H Cetus HV (18’3")

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An easy, cheap breathable cover is a 6’ x 20’ canvas painters tarp (as suggested by PaddleDog) which you can find at Sherwin Williams paint stores (I pick them up whenever they have their regular 40% off sales). Get an aluminum or brass grommet setting kit (Harbor Fright sells them) and space grommets along the long sides every 18". Then wrap the boat and lace rope or bungees through the grommets to snugly “mummify” it. I’ve been using painters tarps for years to protect my touring kayaks from sun and critter entry and to camouflage them while traveling or when having to store them outside. The advantage of breathable is that you are far less likely to get the rancid fonk that can happen when remnants of lake or river water ferment in a closed environment.

I get the 6x20 poly tarps on eBay for 25 bucks. They last two three years.

I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased their outdoor fabric, similar to Sunbrella but much cheaper. It’s 54" wide. The fabric covering my Fathom down at the lake is about three years old and still in excellent shape. I wash it after each season and spray with 303 Fabric Guard. Also cover my Prana stored inside my porch for UV protection. With coupons and sales, I paid about $40 for each. If the OP has access to a sewing machine, he could make his own tailored specifically for the boat he wants to protect. I’d use a velcro closure over a zipper. Easier.