does anyone use compression bags for

things other than sleeping bags? I was thinking that it would be nice to compress the contents of my emergency clothes drybag, anyone do this? It would allow me to take a smaller bag and or keep first aid kit in same bag.

use your dry bag as a compression bag
You can use your dry bag like a compression bag. Have the top closed, but not yet rolled down. Squeeze your bag to press out air. Not much (is any) should come back in what you stop squeezing.

Compression bags
I use compression bags on everything that they work on on trips, 3 or 4 on each trip, you can get rid of all the air and make smaller sized load.

Yup! Me too…
exceptin’ fer de eggs!


tent…(the poles go elsewhere obviously) and clothes.

I like the OR compression sacks.

Sil nylon rolltop drybags for the tarp, which is usually wet.

The tent often winds up in a compression drybag and the fly in another. Wetness breeds more wetness. If I can have a dry tent, that is holy.

nearly everything but food…
i use a compression bag for my tent, one for my cooking fly, one for my clothes, one for my sleeping bag - it is pretty cool how much stuff can shrink up when the air is forced out of it… i have several different sized compression bags, some sizes i have multiples of…

compression bags are the handiest things…

sea to summit eVent compression
dry bags for anything that can/should be compressed.

For long trips all clothing is in compression bags as it takes up valuable space for food and water.

one for my sleeping bag
one for my down coat

I use a mix of compression bags and non compression bags. Compression bags are great but a non-compressed bag of clothes is soft and can conform to different shapes. A compressed bag of clothes is smaller but it won’t fit into the corners of your kayak.

Yes on clothes, but…
… the only compression dry bags that actually work are the OR Hydroseal Drycomp

That’s because they have two chambers with an inner cinch to let you compress before you roll down and dry seal the outer chamber.

For some reason, REI has dropped this line and now has its own which looks similar from the outside. But I haven’t tried them, and if they don’t have an equivalent system, they won’t do the job. But try Amazon for good prices on the OR bags.

I see OR has a new variation on the Hydroseal Drycomp called AirX, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Travel Size Space Bags
are great for compressing clothing and soft items in your dry bags. Get the ones that you just roll up to squeeze the air out. They also give you double protection from your stuff getting wet, which a compression bag probably would not since most are not waterproof. Most Wal Marts have them and they are not expensive.