Does anyone wear a shorty wet suit

when paddling? I am trying to decide on a style for ocassional scuba diving, ocassional water skiing and regular paddling.

I figure I should get one that I can use in any of the water sports if possible. The ones I have seen either have a zipper in the back and short sleeves or no sleeves and front zip. Are either suitable for paddling? Thanks.

Depends on the water temp
I live in Southern California and in the winter time, our water temp is about 50 deg. Then I wear a full length farmer john (sleeveless, front zip).

In spring and fall, I usually switch to a shorty farmer john. (Sleeveless,knee length, front zip).

In the summer time,when our water is getting close to 70 deg, I usually opt for a pair of shorts unless I am planning a “wet day” of rescue and re-entry practice–then it’s back to the full length farmer john.

The main thing is to dress for the water temps and the activity you’ll be doing. I don’t believe a wet suit for paddling will be sufficient for diving.

I do not own one, but

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I have a couple of friends who sea kayak with shorties in july, august and september in southern new england. A shortie not much help with scuba in florida if you like to go over 35 feet deep or so if I recall correctly, (I stopped diving over 26 years ago)/ Even a 3mm farmer john with a beavertail top will not be enough. The 5mm and up wetsuit tops most divers favor are too restrictive for paddling for mose folks, (but not Eric Soares)

I have a polartec aquashell farmer john wetsuit which meets all my wetsuit needs. It is warm in the water and much cooler than neoprene in the air, with great wind resistance. I also have a dry top and dry suit. I recommend the aquashell wetsuit highly for somebody who does not get into waters below 55 or who has a drysuit.

I Use A Fuzzy Rubber Shorty
Farmer John pretty much all summer long. I wear thermax shirt underneath, or nothing at all if it’s too hot. The FJ keeps me warm enough on shore breaks, especially if there’s wind. On the water, if I am hot, I scull/roll.

Good thing about a FJ style is that it’s not restrictive around the arms. If you get shorty wetsuit with sleeves, make sure it has the lycra type underarm, otherwide you get a rash/abrasions from long paddling.


Sing I was wondering about that…
Still going kayaking this Saturday, but for a while the location was up in the air. My husband was talking about taking the kids to a river west of here to fish, which meant that’s where I would be kayaking. Now he has changed his mind and we are going to Cochituate. But I had no idea what to wear, skirt or not, wetsuit, splashsuit, river shorts and top. What is the water temp like on Cochituate? I have a book on self rescues and am going to give it a shot. If you see some one flailing around in a red carolina, thats me, be kind don’t laugh!

It You’re Practicing

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wear your farmer john. The water at Lake C. is warm, but when you're constantly wet and there is a breeze, you're going to chill. I had farmer john and drytop yesterday, at the end of practice (2.5 hours), I was feeling it since there was a breeze right into the launch area where I was practicing.

I won't be at Lake C this saturday. I going to do the Deerfield river with my wife and younger son. I'll be there next Thursday evening.


PS. I never laugh at folks who are practicing, having done and continue to do quite a bit of "flailing" myself. :) Here's a tip, let folks on shore know what you're doing. At Lake C., by the beach, I had "good samaritans" jumped in to save me while I was working and flailing at new rolls.

Thanks for the advice…
my husband, 10 yr old twins and oldest son 23 yrs old will be on shore, so I’m hoping they can prevent any would be rescuers from drowning themselves trying to rescue me.

I have a shorty farmer john
It was nice in the early spring waters. For paddling I didn’t want any arm restrictions.

For diving in cool but not cold water, the shorties help. A lot of surfers use them.

Depends on Water Temps
I totally depends on water temps. You do not give your region.

I used to wear shorties back in Florida in the summer, but it is too cold for that here. I use a 3mm farmer john. For me it is good down to about 55 degrees. Add a Mysterio top and I can go down to 50.

Indiviual tolerance for cold water varies greatly, so you need to go swimming for a while to really know if it is adequate protection.

I used to wear my Jane suit
Still have it but I don’t like wearing confining things too often so I opt for bikinis-I know this doesn’t help you much but you might feel confined when it gets hot as well as overheat.

I wear one
I have a short wet suit that I wear with water repelant wind pants and jacket if I need extra protection. We were in Monterey last weekend and I had on the shorty wet suit and the wind pants and jacket and I was more than warm. They said the water temp was about 51f.

a five minute swim with that gear
and you’ll know if it offers enough protection.

Do the swim near shore.

but it all depends if you are in a pond or the ocean.

51 degree water is very cold.