Does anything beat 303 for UV protect

Do these guys really have monopoly as the overall

leader in the international marine world ?

The marine industry uses UV-inhibiting waxes and varnishes to protect hard surfaces against sun-fading and degredation. Go to a boat store and you’ll find an entire wall of waxes, polishes, and renewers touting their abilty to protect and renew surfaces.

I guess for fabrics and rubber 303 is the stuff though.

We recently switched from 303
to wax when we noticed that it is staying on much longer then the 303 after daily paddling in salt water.

Jack L

Ryan L.

waxed, in the shade NM

McNetts UV Tech?
I think this may be similar product from a different company.

I use 303, but only because it’s easy to put on. I kinda doubt it does anything at all after the first 5 minutes of paddling…but still I use it just in case. The best bet is store your boat under shade or inside, and it’ll out live you.

Sure other stuff exists…

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I can't say anyone else has the instant brand recognition that goes along with UV protection

I’m awaiting for the objection to 303. I guess wax might be slightly better for the environment.

I’ll use both.

Ryan L.

…I’m really not sure about the UV protection but compared to McNett UV Tech, 303 is slicker and I prefer it (303) on drysuit latex gaskets. Getting a slippery gasket on or off of a neck that hasn’t been shaved or properly washed in too long is easier and less apt to overstress and tear. Ditto for dirty and sweaty wrists. I recommend 303 for that application.

On the other hand the McNett UV Tech seems to stay on a deck longer than 303 for me. Since it is not as slippery it seems to me a better choice. Slippery decks can’t be good. I don’t use either on the hull.

I’m of the opinion that waxes will provide better and longer lasting protection on gel coat but have no experience with them. Just makes sense to me.


Battleship gray enamel deck paint

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beats 303 for UV protection hands down.

And no nasty irridescent slick in your wake, either!

I also switched from 303 to yacht wax.
I got some sun fading on my canoe in spite of the 303.

Danuu kayak cover

No monopoly at all
Ever go into an Auto store or department and look over the products? Ever see 303? Armoral and all the clones have products that say UV protection on the label and they all do - to whatever degree. 303 is friendly to latex and it’s endorsed by drysuit manufacturers for seals which makes it noticed by paddlers. I’ve used Armoral on VCP hatch covers and things like that for years. I can get it cheap anywhere and it looks nice. Only real comparative testing would tell you if one works better than another and who’s going to do that. I trust that the drysuit people have done that so I believe them. But a monopoly?? I’ll bet Armoral outsells 303, 800 to 1.

For what its worth
When researching how to clean and protect the membrane roof on my camper, I found that 303 is the only thing you can use on it that doesn’t void the warranty. It killed me to buy a gallon of it but now I have enough to last a long time and I use it on all my kayaking stuff, quicker to use than wax so I do it everytime it comes out of the water.

UV Tech Info
I’m the Community Specialist with McNett, and wanted to give you more info on the McNett UV Tech.

Both 303 & Gear Aid™ UV Tech are excellent for providing UV protection for fiberglass, and the spray bottle makes it easy to apply to larger items like your boat. The primary advantage of UV tech is that also includes a conditioner that restores essential oils that when lost, makes gear dry and/or brittle. When applied, it will not rinse off in water, it absorbs into the ‘fabric’ and immediately conditions, seals, and protects the item. It can be used on fiberglass, PVC, Hypalon, along with nylon, polyester, rubber, vinyl and more.

So unlike wax, you’ll get multiple uses, and will be able to protect and restore most all of your paddling gear including dry suits, dry tops, spray-skirts, deck bags, dry bags, and even PFDs. Visit our website or feel free to contact us with any additional questions at Have fun out there!

Google claims No Suck

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Tried googling the search term "303 protectant sucks"
No results found .......

303 HiTech Fabric Guard
While we’re on the subject, 303 is good for your Gore-Tex equipment too. 303 HiTech Fabric Guard provides UV resistance and replaces the water-repellent coating on Gore Tex garments.

It’s also good for the decks of those of us who use folding kayaks. It’ll cause water to bead up on the nylon instead of wetting out. I recommend applying several “coats”.


Next time you have a meeting with McNett why not tell them to lower the price.

Don’t know and don’t much care, because

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...303 works very well. I've used it on a Jeep hardtop, a fiberglass truck topper, plastic parts of front bumpers, dashboards of several vehicles, the rubber parts of my Spring Creek kayak cradles, the plastic parts of Yakima towers, truck tire sidewalls, rubber hatch covers, and probably a few other things I've forgotten about.

The only case where it didn't work well was when I applied it OVER the waxed truck topper. Do one or the other, not both, because the wax will smear if 303'ed.

303 on dashboards does not dry them out as ArmorAll eventually does. It is worth the extra $$$. I bought a gallon of the stuff and still have some left, from about 10 years ago.