Does LL Bean ever run sale/clearance?

I’ve been checking out a few of the kayaks LL Bean carries and am wondering if they ever have them on sale or clearance.


Check LLBean Outlet Stores
I saw this late spring some kayaks on sale that were at least 30% off normal price in a local LLBean outlet. Not on the web, so it’s a walk-in thing I suppose…

Not that it helps…
But I know they have some pretty good sales at the store in Freeport.

A local LL Bean store …
… here in the DC area (Tyson’s Corner) has had great sales on their kayaks but it is a walk-in thing, as you suggest. I was really tempted last fall to pick up a boat that was on sale for almost half-price! I think it was a WS Tsunami 135 or 160 or something like that. To this day I can’t figure out why I didn’t go ahead and get it!

yes they do
both at the outlet stores and at the flagship store in Freeport—if you recieve the print catalogue you should also be on their e-mail list and recieve some notice of these sales—if not, call them (number is on their website) and tell them you want to recieve the catalogues.

Eastern Mountain Sports is currently running a kayak sale with free shipping and 20% off accessories. Also a $25 “gear bucks” card if you spend over $125. I got five cards when I bought my kayak. They carry Wilderness Systems, Necky, Ocean Kayak, and a couple other brands. Some with rudders skegs, some without.

go to

Yes, but they’re not advertised well.
They do go on sale and occassionally clearance, but you kind of have to just know about them.

Why would they…
They hae enough yuppies & Richie Rich’s to buy the overpriced crap they have. Why would they hae a sale for the common folk when he common folk can buy the same thing (without the L.L. Bean logo) for less elsewhere.

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Email LLB
Just email them and they will tell you when the sales are…the email address is on the website.

You apparently know…

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...nothing about LL Bean or their outlet stores. While their regular retail prices are as high as anyone else's, their outlet prices are a steal when they run sales. I just picked up a pair of Gore Windstopper cycling bib tights ($140 retail) for $35. Last spring, If grabbed $180 Atomic X/C skis with Solomon bindings for $26. I've gotten comparable savings on all kinds of Bean's label AND name-brand merchandise like clothing, tents, stoves, packs, sleeping bags and footwear. Although I haven't seen any recently, I used to find VCP hatch covers there for $20 for either the round or oval covers. Their jeans - which are nicely made - are always $17.99 at the outlet stores. Luckily for me, I have a Bean's outlet store less than a mile from my house.

The closest LL Bean store is…
The next state below us??? Otherwise I get their catalog all the time in the mail… All “L.L. Bean merchandise”, all “high cost”. The only low cost items are the un-needed gimmick crap.

Not that it is bad stuff, but I can buy the same items elsewhere & without it sayin L.L. Bean. I don’t even care if it says L.L. Bean on it, I just don’t want to pay for it to say it on it.

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Piragis Outfitters in Ely ,Minn .
has a clearance sale usually in September and they have a far better selection of boats than LL Bean.

Might also try
Kittery Trading Post—about 60 miles south of LL Bean along Rt 1 in Kittery—I was there last sunday and they seemed to have a much better selection of boats then Beans which I looked at an hour later.