Does newer PentaxWPi freeze after sleep?

-- Last Updated: Jan-07-06 3:38 PM EST --

I mean the new "i", version, NOT the original WP ...
The original sometimes freezes up/ crashed if you put it away without powering it off. It would go to sleep and then not respond when you grabbed it to shoot again (thus making sleep/ power save mode more than worthless).
Did they fix this?

And R you happy with yours? Any quirks?

Haven’t had mine very long…
but used it every day on a 9 day trip to Kauai, Hawaii, often putting in in my pocket without turning it off. Had absolutely no problems like you describe. Only problem I had with it was that the batteries didn’t last nearly as long as I was accustomed to. I’ve been shooting a Nikon D100 SLR for a couple of years, and really got accustomed to the battery life with it, up to 700-800 pictures per charge. The WPi got about 100 pics per charge.

No problems with mine

So far mine doesnt do that, but i have onlky had it less then a month

no problems
I read that post that the old ones would freeze. I’ve not eperienced this issue with the wpi.