Does Seda still make kayaks?

I thought someone had posted a while back that they were leaving the market.

A friend is considering buying a used Swift. I read the reviews here and of course they are all glowing. He would have to demo for himself to decide if it might fit. However, I ask here to try to discover if the boat has any nongeneric parts or systems, in case something needs replacement and the company no longer exists.

The question might be moot, as I suspect the spec’ed deck height won’t be comfortable for his feet. And then there is the question of whether it has gelcoat or not; I know that some Sedas did not have gelcoat (to save weight).

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

They sure look like they sell kayaks… But I don’t see the Swift there anymore.

My first kayak was a Seda, Swiftback in 1992. But I’m sure it changed over the years so I’ll refrain from much comment. It was a good beginners boat for me, especially since it was only 800 dollars new. Back then anyway, Swifts didnt have front bulkheads

Didn’t someone post recently the Seda didn’t ship parts they bought on there website. Maybe it was on a different forum but I read that some were.

Yes it was here. They said that Seda was bought out, and the emphasis was now on car parts. However, I don’t know what the situation is, just parroting what was posted.

Castoff. that’s the post I remember. I think the poster was trying to get money back from an unfulfilled order.

My friend decided that the boat in question was not in great shape (based on photo) and that an 11” deck height would not be high enough anyway. So this particular model is now off the list.

Thanks to all responders, regardless.