Does this ski need TLC, big repair, or bin!?

Hey there paddlers, first time member and poster, because I’m looking to enter the game!

I’ve found what looks like a good ski on a second hand sale. It’s meant for intermediate / well balanced, and whilst I’ve not used a ski before I’ve good balance all round so I’m keen on getting stuck in!

That aside there’s a couple of dings and one in particular that i would love some advice on… It’s a crack in the top, thin, but apparently doesn’t crack the fibres, just the coating. I’ll get a closer look tomorrow

Other than that, it looks pretty good! $1500 instead of $3300+ new. Haven’t tried bargaining yet

Looking forward to your thoughts

Unfortunately i can only post one image as a newbie… Maybe more tomorrow

Link the photos on Google you can post more. Looks like an easy repair. Year of it? Is it a popular brand? I’m not familiar with it not that I have a ski I do look at them.

Good idea!

I’m not certain of the year, i will try to find out and post back

Their skis are here

I’d say under 1,000. You can always go up.

That’s $1500 AUD, so about $950 usd

Definitely start negotiating low. It’s been listed for 5 months so clearly not much interest

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2011 model… Old, but if capable, that’s ok by me

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Not old if cared for. Some of my kayaks are 99, 00, 03, they are like new.

There is a SOF Folbot I built from a kit in 1980 when we lived in Houston. I sold it when we moved to SC and I saw it a few years ago on Jocassee.
Good equipment properly maintained can last a long time.

Just saw this posted on Weather Channel topics. Paddler unhurt, swam to safety.