does yellow mean kevlar?

I just bought an old current design solstice ss. On the inside it is yellow. Does that indicate kevlar? It was represented as fiberglass but iwonder about the color; seems rather cheesy to color it yellow if isn’t kevlar.

Doesn’t really matter, i got good price and don’t expect to carry it very far; just curious.

it could very well be the case
a picture can help us to know for sure. sned the reg number current design can help as well

Unless the interior was painted or gel coated yellow, which would be unusual for a kayak.

Just to complicate things, there are
versions of aramid cloth that are not honey yellow like Dupont’s version. I have a Millbrook c-1, aramid inside, that is closer to a creamy white inside than to honey yellow.

If the kayak is glass inside, careful about abrading it with your heels or whatever. Glass fibers could make you itch. Some makers may use other non-itchy cloths inside, such as Nylon or polyester, but I don’t know how often this is done.

You can abrade a small patch in a non-critical area to raise fibers. Glass will tend to sand smooth, with very fine dust. Kevlar fibers are very tough, and hard to sand off.