Does your dog have a passion?

Lilly’s is to retrieve her ball, regardless of difficulty or conditions.
The hunting gene isn’t buried and she’ll never be a trimmed and proofed pup.
I’m beginning to think canoe.


Love that breed. When I had my standard (Murphy), his passion was fishing. He didn’t like swimming but would spend hours chest-deep in the water trying to catch minnows. Most of the time they were swimming around his back legs but occasionally he would shove his face under water, mouth open, trying to catch them. Agree about the trimming. I kept him in a puppy clip.

There is an Irish Water Spaniel in the family now. His passion is swimming in Lake Michigan no matter what the water temperature. His best bud is a Standard Poodle/Newfoundland mix who is the size of a small pony at one year old.




Lilly will do a run at a squirrel but quickly realized she can’t climb trees. One of castoff’s relatives just got a Bernese Mountain Dog X Poodle puppy . A Bernepoo?

Would love to see a photo of that mix. The Newfypoo has the head of a Newfoundland and body of a standard poodle with sticky-up fur. Looks like something out of a comic strip.

Rookie, I found photos on the net.

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Did a search and oh, my, goodness! Pretty darn cute!

Rosy, our almost Lab, is obsessed with the culinary arts. A very careful study of anyone who’s working in the kitchen. Lola, the Corgi, can’t hold her licker. At all.

Here is Rollo at 8 weeks old. he is laid back for a puppy, and doesn’t meet a stranger. He is a big hit among the family.


When we had Maggie she loved joining me on backpacking trips. If I opened the car door, and she was outside it only took a moment and she was in the car. She chased squirrels as they were forbidden to be on the ground. Had a passion for trailing deer for me, and If I got the canoe out and set it down she would jump in it so I wouldn’t leave without her. She would get in the canoe before I put it in the water at the put in. She was always first in the canoe. She is fondly remembered.

She took out Bambi !?

We need a laughing emoji next to the like symbol.

She thought she did! Was chewing on my boot lace when I shot the deer.

Yes, Tilley’s purpose in life is to rid the world of squirrels.


My sister’s first Golden Retriever, frisbees. Wherever she had to dig them out of including muddy skanky small pond bottoms.

:chipmunk: he’s a Glen of Imaall terrier he’s rock hard swims good too.


Zoey likes sticks


My son’s lab mix was a stick dog including small logs. She would tear them up after she captured them.

Zoey is 50% coonhound, 25% yellow lab and 25% American standard terrier (um, pit bull). It can be a little scary to see how hard she can bite a stick.

My wife has talked about wanting a litter of pups and so far I’ve talked her out of it. A neighbor has a beautiful , tawny doberman male pup .