Does your dog think they own you?

He’s been whispering in her ear.


My first Border Collie was a one year old rescue. She had been neglected and ignored. She did not know how to swim. I wanted her to be a canoe and raft dog, so one day we piled our other two dogs, my girl and me in the OT Guide 18 and left Bonnie on shore. We start paddling slowly away. She was slightly paniced to be left behind and ran back and forth on the lake shore for a minute or two. Then she entered the water and swam out to the canoe. She was a water dog from then on. She had large feet and became a really strong swimmer.

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Looks like a fine canoe dog to me

All I need is a canoe.

She just got out of the water garden and was convinced that my ears needed to be licked. She is long and strong and almost 6 months old. And obviously well trained.


That’s puppy love. Sweet.

Careful, that’s a dominance move. :slight_smile:

She looks incredibly well behaved for 6 months. The 10 month old we get to borrow tomorrow has had pretty much zero training.

Doodles are usually extremely bright and actually want to please you. Whether it is tone of voice, posture, or understanding words they really pick up on their environment and people.
At Honey’s age she is easily distracted and will ignore me sometimes but it’s getting better all the time. The comparison to young children is almost uncanny.
Tom, pls keep us updated.

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Obviously I already have . This lap has raised 3 children and 7 grandchildren, not to mention several cats and dogs and a squirrel or two.


Our recent addition and future canoe dog. With a face like that she’ll probably own the house before we’re done.


That is a cute pup!

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Yes indeed you’re history! Boykin Spaniel?

We got Pollyanna back today on her first birthday. She got a haircut so we can see her eyes. Her eyes remind me of the fake ape in the original King Kong. She’s definitely smart and like the coonhound mutt she has some ideas about obedience being negotiable on a case by case basis. Seems like she’s got the physical capability to be an agility dog; she’s fast and agile and can just take off and fly anytime. Today we played “roll the tennis ball under the couch over and over until Tom is ready to scream”.


Castoff caught bribing young girls with candy again huh? If I only had a nickle…

of course. And he refuses to paddle

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Yep, she’s a Boykin.