Does your gps work with Windows Vista,

and what kind is it?

In light of Cool Ds posts about Vista, and my

interest in a new gps, I thought I’d see what you

might contribute about your gps and whether it

works with Vista, or not.

My maturing b/w gps doesn’t work in sunlight, so

I’m thinking about buying a new color model just on

sale now. It’s a popular brand, but I’ll call it “X”

so as not be accused of marketing it. Most of you

have them, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

Well, I have a legitimate concern, and would like to

hear from you and your experiences with a gps and

Vista. I’m not interested in the pros and cons of Vista,

as they are being covered elsewhere.

Thank you. MickJetblue

Works fine
I have 3 Garmin units, 60CSX, Venture CX and Geko 201 and all three work fine with Vista with the proper drivers loaded.

I have heard reports that most of the older Magellans do not have Vista drivers yet, and many Magellan users seem to think that it’s just not going to happen anytime soon. It’s likely that the new Magellan GPSr’s (Triton series) will be compatible with Vista…but who knows about the older ones.

Yes. Mapsource + GPSMAP76cx