dog and inflatable kayak

Is there an inflatable kayak that could safely hold a golden retriever and is there a risk the nails could puncture the material?

Get one with a tough outer skin,
like Advanced elements, Stearns, Seyvlor, etc., and you should be ok.

You could also cover the area with a tarp – where puppy dog will hang out. And,or add/ paint on some kind of rubber protective coat on the outer skin.

Not unusual at all to find dogs in rafts
I’d second the motion of putting down a tarp on spare chunk of pvc as additional dog flooring.

Could you tell me more about this rubber
I was wondering what this rubber coating is and where I can get some. Do you think that it would adhere to neoprene? Thanks for the info…


I’ve seen it at West Marine boat store, in their inflatable section.


Thanks much…

Affordable and tough options …
The “high-end” Sevylor boats are actually very tough and would hold up – River XK2 might be good ($550-ish? on the web) or even the smaller XK1 solo yak if it’s barely enough space.