Dog Cove launch on Squam Lake, NH

I’ve heard there’s a launch here. I know approximately where it is (end of Dog Cove off 25B) but have searched for it several times and never found it. Recently drove back and forth along there several times and saw no access. Can anyone give precise directions? Is it marked in any way? Thanks.

There’s a description of it on the GoPaddling app but I’ve been mapping areas in NH and I’ve found the app to maybe not be totally accurate. For example there are launches marked on the map on lakes and ponds which NH Fish and Game maps says there’s no public boat access. The app will show you approximately where they say it is though. Be aware some info can be quickly outdated.

I’ve searched for this launch site many times based on this description on the GoPaddling app and have never found it:

“This hard-to-see put-in is right off Route 25B, not far from the intersection with Route 3. Parking is on the shoulder of the road. Parking for 4 or 5 cars at most. Narrow path to the water. Launch one boat at a time.”

Drove back and forth, walked this stretch. While I was out hiking on the lake I met a paddler who said he had just launched from there, so it must exist.