Dog friendly rentals in N CA/ S OR?

Anyone know of a place I could rent a canoe or raft for a slow river adventure with my dog around Six Rivers NF or in Southern Oregon?

I’m also interested in any whitewater outfitters that offer kennel service or are near a town with a kennel/pet sitter in the same area.

dog friendly rentals
I’ve rented canoes a dozen places over the years, and not a single one has ever said no to my dog. To be honest, I don’t even check any more. Places that rent kevlar canoes in the Boundary Waters are probably pickier. If a company rents sit-on-top kayaks, my experience is that they don’t mind dogs either. Or plastic rec kayaks, if you don’t mind you dog in the cockpit with you. A dog can’t do much damage to plastic or aluminum.

Dog friendly
Unfortunatly in CA a lot of places won’t let you take you dog even in an aluminum canoe. I don’t get it but it has prevented us from renting with some companies.

I’m hoping that’s a bay area thing and the rats up North will be more lax.

FWIW- If anyone is looking for a place near SF, I like Russian River Adventures. They are the only Russian River outfitter that allows dogs. They offer SOAR inflatable canoes. These are hands down the best canoes I’ve ever used with regards to my dog. Mostly because the canoes are flat bottom and soft making it more comfortable for our 4 legged friends. I don’t work for these guys I just like their services.


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I only know of one place that rents rafts on the Smith River -- Lunker Fish Trips & Bait (yes Virginia, you're not in the Bay Area any more) in Hiouchi @ 707.458.4704.

I don't know what they offer but there a lots of plastic boats and rafts around the place.

Don't know about their dog policy, but there is a kennel downriver in the village of Smith River.

There's also a rental place in the Chetco Harbor in Brookings, but it's all SOTs ...