Dog Helps Kayakers Clean Debris in Potomac River

A great group of kayakers brought their kayaking gear, nets, rakes, and dogs down to the river to clean trash for about four hours last weekend. One dog actually pulled several large branches out of the river. It was amazing. The rest of the volunteers did great work too.

Potomac River Cleanup Day


Good time of year to do it, too. Nice not to have to crawl through brambly undergrowth and poison ivy to get at cans, etc. on the bank. It’ll be tougher later.

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good work…the figures vary except they estimate only 80% of water bottles end up in landfills. So that other 20% is out there and needs to be collected. Some report 13% recycled.


I was hoping to see the doggo paddle…

Our retrievers swim out and bring back trash floating by. One day the young one retrieved and began to play with an old bag of shrimp hulls…stink a rooney.

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