Dog in a SOT

Anyone ever take their dog out in a SOT?I think the tankwell would be a good place for a dog to sit.

tankwell warning
Its fine with a light weight dog. Dont try it with a heavier dog. You cant see the dog move to shift weight. Dogs want to be able to see whats coming. I paddle with a Golden in the footwell and a Border Collie in the tankwell and it works great. With a Cobra you hardly notice the extra weight (it still fells like paddling a cement truck) The dogs love it.

What Kind Of SOT is That?
Your Golden looks as big and heavy as my Lab mix at about 60# now. Does this arrangement work for reasonable length paddles? Maybe an hour or two paddling.

Happy Paddling,


Cobra Navigator
12.6ft @ 47lbs. It’s a do everything kayak that really does nothing well. It will haul hounds though and is nearly tip proof. The footwell space is huge and can carry a very tall person. It is a wonderful fishing platform. Sam even likes to sleep in it.

Blackriver Outfitters in Georgetown
carries Cobra boats.

paddle length
No problem for 2 hour paddles. I upgraded the seat to a Surf to Summit high backed fishing seat with rodholders built in. There are no scupper holes in the seat area so its fine in cold water. Some water will come up the scupper holes in the footwell if the dog gets out on the bow.

Please! I implore you…
If you have plans on paddling your SOT in any body of water in the South-East U.S. DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOGS ON THE WATER WITH YOU! Gators will attack you and your SOT to get at your dogs! If they see or smell them on your SOT you WILL be attacked, especially if it’s a large one! If it’s their mating season you might want to consider a normal kayak or better yet, a canoe but if you truly love your dogs leave them at home!

I have recently posted a rather long response in the advice section under ‘Gators and Kayaks’. Please read it in its entirety.

Hey, if you come to Florida I can show you a totally different world of wildlife along with some damn big gators and have a great time doing it. We won’t be bothered by them in my canoe or if you’re in a sit-inside kayak (as long as it isn’t dark colored). Just please, read the entry. The life you save may be your own as well as your beloved pets.

Dogs and boats
I have 20lb canine partner, well he is actually the “Fleet Commander” While he will go aong in a SINK out of desperation he is much more comfortable in an SOT. He enjoys free run on the Prism, and yesterday he tested out a Scupper Pro TW. He did not mind sitting on the TW and pile of gear for half the trip, the other half he was up front. He found it easy to brace on as well as nap. After an 11 mile paddle he said I can buy the boat g…( he alway’s wears his vest…There are trips he does not go on due to suitability, on thoose trips we always miss him…kim