Dog Life Vest

Hi, very new to kayaking. My shitzu Mia will be learning with us. Any recommendations for best small life jacket would be appreciated. Have enjoyed reading message boards. Thank you,

My dog Otis had a NRS
canine flotation device. It saved his life once, but he met his demise on a wok.

Check the
weight recommendations on the vest, make sure the construction is such that the head is supported.

But, I’m leaning towards the opinion that it is better to leave small dogs on shore, especially after seeing one drown on the river near Taylor’s Falls, MN. Small dogs and current do not mix. Large dogs in current do not always make it either, but they have better chances in life jackets.

Dog PFDs
I tend to agree w/this comment: The little ones do have less chance. However, even many big dogs are unable to swim for more than about 4 minutes, so a PFD for ANY dog is very important, big or small. The NRS one is really good and comes in a variety of weight classifications, so buy the right one. Another aspect of the NRS jacket that is important (and sometimes overlooked) is the strength of the grab handle. The odds are VERY strong that you (or someone paddling near you) will be hauling your dog up by the handle. Make very sure it is strong.

Another option

The one I saw looked very well made, but was a bit stiff.

Yet another option:

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Well made, but ultra-stiff.