Dog paw traction modify for plastic yak?

OK, so Jaxs (my very active and strong-swimming 2-yr-old 1/2 border collie/ pit/ ? with an NRS doggy PFD) just got his first kayak, a 14’x32" KeoweeII double rec boat with a single huge sit-inside cockpit and a front seat that slides back to the rear one so he has room to sit or stand in front of me.

What would give him better traction than just wet plastic? (he’s going to need it :slight_smile: … as we’ll occasionally be doing Class II whitewater)

Self-adhesive or glued on 1/8" mincell foam? Line-X or ? sprayed on the front 1/3 of inside? Some sort of non-harsh stair/deck/tub/windsurfer traction stick-on or spray-on material?

I’ve had good luck
with those adhesive strips made for outdoor stair treads. 3M makes them in about 1.5" widths - self adhesive with peel off backing and they have a rough surface like coarse sandpaper. You can find them at most home improvement stores.

I stuck some in the bottoms of my rec boats (in a herringbone pattern >>>>) and they really help to maintain traction for kids, pets and me. The adhesive must be pretty good too, because they haven’t even begun to peel after several years and lots of water.

dog traction
Native Kayaks has a removable mat for the floor for kids and dogs.

this will clean up easy and looks pretty rugged. Won’t hold water so with a hose rinsing now and then it should not grow mold. I haven’t used it yet but might buy one next month for setting kids on. Not cheap though!! About $85 but made in USA. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in any large cockpit kayak. Dogs get anxious and nutty when they are on slippery surfaces and I do the same when I’m in rough water!!

3M material
3M makes teh aforementioned anti-slip treads, but another 3M material is rubber-based and comes in 6"x24" treads. It is non-abrasive, grippy when wet, an dcomes in gray or black. Available at West Marine and other locations for about $6/section.


Walmart had dense foam sleeping
pads < 1/2" thick for a few bucks.I cut one so it fits tightly in the cockpit. Does not slip and good traction for the dawg.

lots of choices
like they said, vinyl/rubber non-skid adhesive backed tape in 2,4,6" widths. Cheap suction backed bath mats or glue on minicell.

Second on the bath mat
I used one for my dog until he got used to the bottom of the boat. Once he felt secure I could pull it out and no trace of modificaton left inside.

I suggest you cut holes in the bottom
for his four legs, and let him get into the action.

The cheap way
Would be just plan old indoor outdoor carpet. With the rubber backing. I am sure you can figure a way to secure it, yet make it removable for drying.