Dogs and kayaks

Does anyone have a suggestion for a boat to take a Golden Retriever kayaking?

A rec tandem with a big, open cockpit.
Perhaps a tandem sit-on-top. Or just get a suitable double blade to use with a canoe.

Kayaks just don’t touch canoes for carrying large dogs.

g2d’s correct…
for big dogs. I bought a used Wenonah solo plus just for paddling with my dog. I have a Tsunami125 and a Pungo120 that just doesn’t have enough room for a comfortable paddle. I have a 65-70 pound pit bull, so he’s not as bulky as the golden. If you’re stuck on a kayak, you should look at the Native Ultimate 14 solo or tandem. Stable, easy for the dog to get in and out, and plenty of room. You could also try going with a smaller tandem, but I don’t like the handling as most are flat-bottomed and unresponsive. Not sure about SOT’s as I don’t have any experience with them.

A Jackson DayTripper might work.

I use a solo canoe for one 80-pound dog, and a small tandem when carrying two of them.