Dogs in canoes

I’m looking for advice on a canoe that would be stable enough to carry a large dog. We like to canoe and will be purchasing one in the Spring, but we have a Borzoi – he’s a big guy with long legs, kind of like sticking a small horse in a canoe. I would welcome any recommendations for a good canoe that won’t toss us in the lake every time the dog looks over the edge. Thanks in advance for your help!

Secondary stability may matter more
than primary steadiness. You want a canoe that tips so far and then no farther.

Dogs and kids learn about stability. After a while, your dog may figure it out.

Rent one or two or three
We do not know how your dog will settle or not.

I’m at a loss why people think their dogs ought to love canoeing as they do. Some do, some dont and some leave the boat and getting them back in is interesting.

Old Town Tripper
Great stable all around canoe as long as you are not doing a lot of portaging.

Rig a travois to the borzoi and let him
portage the Tripper.

Much as I loved our Tripper, dealing with an 80+ pound canoe is a serious matter.

I would suggest looking at the
"17 Wenonah" which is very stable and weighs only 60 pounds in Wenonah’s most durable composite, Tufweave. It has enough rocker for easy maneuvering, a flattish shallow arch bottom, center depth to keep poochy in place, and relatively low ends so it won’t blow around. There’s no chance your dog will tip that boat over, but it will be a reasonable performer for long camping paddles.

why ?
are you wanting to canoe with a Borzoi ?

Very attached obviously
Some people are very attached to pets but I certainly do wonder about this one. I mean its like going snow skiing with your pet Iguana! I mean I am sure it can be done but WHY?

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I am very much attached to my wife
But I don’t want her in my boat

Some dogs don’t like canoes…
My Norwegian Elkhound loves the water, loves being in boats but hates my canoe. I have to trick her to get her in the canoe…if I get close to the shore, she’ll jump out and almost dump me each time…


Very attached obviously
It does seem rather odd to take a sighthound canoeing, but he’s one of those dogs that loves everything you throw at him. He camps, he climbs mountains, and likes the water. Other than trying to smuggle him on a plane in my purse or fit him in the back of a VW Bug, he’s surprisingly portable (he just fits in the back of my Jeep.) He did well this summer in a motorboat, but we really prefer a nice, slow paddle around a lake and just want something that will allow us to bring home stories like “Saw a moose today” instead of “Swam across Indian Lake with the dog today”.

Your love for the dog
makes it hard not to take him with you to the water. I think a 17 ft canoe(more room for him) would be good, but depending on your experience with big dogs, their behavior and canoeing, you may want a pair of canoe stabilizers. has two styles to choose from.

because the dachsund already had plans?

yeah, like my dog
…learned how far she can heel a boat over before jumping in!

Borzois in Canoes!
I grew up in a family that raised Irish Wolfhounds, so I have very real respect for your efforts here. It is, literally, “a tall task!” A couple of thoughts: 1) As to a canoe, some length is probably important for your very long dog, so the thought of a 17 footer is a good one (and perhaps even those outriggers, too, at first.) I think both primary and secondary stability will play into your success at different times. I’d add to that some depth. A 17 foot Prospector would be good to try out, as would the Wenonah Boundary Waters, a really stable boat that my sister and her husband chose as a successful conveyance for their Wire-haired Pointing Griffon. 2) A key to canine stability is, literally, to help them “get a grip.” So, keep the nails on your dog well trimmed. 3) Related to number 2, be sure to put down some indoor-outdoor carpet or old bath mats in the bottom of the canoe, so that they have something to “get a grip” on. 4) Finally, begin your training with the canoe on the ground, not on the water. Getting in and out and remaining quiet is something that will probably take a lot of effort before the boat ever reaches the water. But what a cool project!

Canoeing with Fido
I have had fair luck canoing with my retriever in the bow . She couldn’t get far enough off center to be a problem. You need to move the front seat back to avoid wetdogbuttintheface syndrome . And to allow for Fifi’s weight which will be very significant when he stands full-forward as I suspect he will. Think mid ships for your paddling partner.

Definitely a good idea to try a rental boat. My son’s labradane simply would not stay in the boat. He loved her but it’s a good thing he didn’t have a gun that day. Fortunately she could swim all day.

Good luck.

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