Dogs & SOT

I am looking for any advice that people can provide for a good sit on top that can handle a 6’4" 250lbs person and 2 dogs that are around 50lbs each. Thanks for any suggestions

Malibu II XL
Ocean Kayaks Malibu II XL may fit your needs. At 13.5 feet, it has a load rating of 450 to 500 pounds. It has 2 standard seat placements or can be rearranged to paddle solo from the center. Perhaps one dog in the front and one in the back? It retails for around $750 but you might find it from an online source cheaper.

check out
the X Faxtor from Mailbu.

Fish & Dive, 600 lb capacity, wide of
beam. A fellow I know paddles three dogs, two weighing over 40 lbs, the other about 20 on his OK Prowler 13. Get 'em their own pfd’s.