Doing the perculator?

Stovetop espresso and brandy for me
Yeah that’s it!

French press!!
I have this one. It’s nice.



You’ve already got the perculator so use it. Add desired amount of water (should be marked on the pot) 1 tbl of coffee per cup of water. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to keep it perking for five minutes. Add a small amount of cold water thru the pour and let sit for a couple minutes. The cold water sends any grounds to the bottom. Camp coffee made without a strainer is the same.

I have a very similar perculator to that
which you bought, except mine is aluminum. It is about 18 years old and has made much coffee. I have made it all different ways with all types of coffees under almost every possible condition - I have never had a bad cup of camp coffee. Something about being out there. Having spent 22 years in the Navy myself, I will admit to not being the most particular about my coffee. If a consistent coffee is what you are after, then the perculator may not be the way to go. If a good cup of coffee is your goal, the perculator is exactly right. There are many good options that have been posted here about how to make coffee. Just take your pot and do it. Experiment, adjust, enjoy. I carry my perculator AND a stainless 20 ounce thermos. I have a routine that I follow(all use the peculator): 1. I boil some water for use in making my meal and pour this into my food container(I do this with the “guts” removed and while it is coming to a boil I load the internals to support making coffee), 2. put on a pot of coffee while my food is “making” and either set up or break down camp while it is perking, 3. pour the coffee into the thermos, then 4. boil more water for cleanup and while it is coming to a boil I enjoy my meal and a good cup of coffee. When I am finished eating I have the hot water I need to clean up. One container, many functions, much happiness.

Awwww, just do as a friend does!
I know a guy who just buys Chocolate Coated roasted coffee beans. he just pops a handfull in his mouth, and perks on caffiene for several hours!

I tried them, and they are “ok”, but I do prefer a fresh hot cup of coffee myself.

I like to say I like my coffee the way I like my women… “Hot, Sweet, and Creamy”. Oh, well… at least I get my coffee hot and sweet! :slight_smile:

Happy Perking!

Strong vs Bitter coffee…
According to a friend of mine who works for a major coffee import company, the secret to good coffee is to slowly raise the temperature of the grounds simultaneously with the water. He claimed that the two worst tasting coffee is made by either the drip method (Mr. Coffee), or steep method (french press). The problem is that when boiling hot water is poured onto the grounds, it scorches them and produces bitter coffee. He claimed that either placing the grounds directly into the water (boiled coffee, cowboy coffee, camp coffee), or using a percolator produces the best tasting coffee because in both cases, the grounds are increasing in temperature with the water. He said that a percolator still scorches the grounds some, but not as much as other methods. He also said that people confuse strong coffee with bitter coffee. Strong has a lot of coffee flavor, and bitter does not taste good.

I have found that I like camp coffee the best, but I have never lined up all three methods and compared, maybe we could try a blind taste test at an upcoming p-net event.

Just a thought,


Perculator in the Sierras
The water in the Sierras looks crystal clear but they advise against drinking it because of Giradia.

But if you boil it for five minutes you can use water right from the stream or lake to make coffee. That can be handy when dry camping.

Forget the perc! Make camp coffee
or if you want the grounds all wrapped up use coffee bags (like tea bags - brew by the cup just add hot water, or use a bunch to make a pot!

about the warming the coffee witht he water. I always thought camp coffee was better tasting cause I was outdoors, as food seems to taste better while camping too.